Monday 30 August 2010

♥ Penguins Galore

I was woken up this morning at 7:50am by a text message. normally this would have ended with me hurling the phone off my bedside table towards the window or the wall but on this occasion i didn't mind too much. must have been a mellow morning mood or something.

anyway, i've stayed in all day today since it was the last day that Sienna, Emma and Mandy were all staying here. Sienna finally got her nails painted sparkly pink (by yours truly) this morning as well, since i was bad and spent most of last night on my computer editing illustrations! sorry Sienna x

anyway since i have no new news (no new news, try saying that quickly 5 times) to share i thought i'd post my latest illustration instead

it's the very special one i was on about the other day, 'a very special illustration requested by my super duper friend Jeni who is going off to Uni soon'

this is the finished result, it's called 'Jeni in Penguinland'

shall i explain the craziness of this picture?! ok dokes here goes...

well, her fave colour is Blue and she luuurves Penguins so somehow i came up with this

i thought blue dress for sure + penguinland...

something to do with Alice in Wonderland maybe...

so it was basically a chance to have another go at an Alice in Wonderland style girl, whilst also attempting to make her look like Jeni AND bringing the penguins into it as well.

she's seen it already and seems to like it so i'm going to print out a nice neat copy of it for her once i'm back at college since the whole point of the illustration request was so that she'd have something to put on the wall of her new room at uni.

and that's it really.

i reached 700 followers today on Twitter which was cause for a mini celebration (i put on my 6-inch heels and had a little dance around my room to Peggy Lee songs)

to be honest i spent most of the day sat on my own listening to Manx Radio (i finally sorted it so i can listen to it on my macbook), editing photos and writing stuff on my laptop.

i got some exciting news today though via email so stay tuned for something ultra suuuuper happening soon.

i hope you all had a great Bank Holiday Monday

i know it may seem like i wasted mine but since i'm off away in a few days i figured a day of doing absolutely nothing was exactly what i needed before the hustle and bustle of airports and rent-a-cars takes over on Wednesday!

enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday,

hope you all have a super duper day tomorrow

♥ ◕‿◕ ♥ xX

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