Thursday 8 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 4

once again this is a late blog, i got distracted this morning listening to Italian opera, and then this evening watching 'Gladiator' (i'm slowly making my way through all the old DVD's i rediscovered whilst cleaning my room) which is a truly EPIC film, anyway i haven't been feeling too creative today, i spent most of the day tidying up, i've got some friends coming to visit me tomorrow, i haven't seen a single person for 2 days so i'm beginning to lose the plot slightly!

anyway this is what i ended up doing this afternoon after i went for a walk. for a while now i've been contemplating buying a Pullip doll. they fascinate me, i absolutely LOVE them, well... most of them anyway. however i don't love their price tags!

the drawing i ended up doing is based on a photo of a cute doll off, i can't remember the name or year of the doll but it was in my head so i drew it regardless. initially i had a go at colouring the drawing in a sort of disney inspired style (which i quickly abandoned). i admire people that can do it, i however cannot as you can see here! by the way neither of these are finished but this is a week of blogging so i HAVE to post something every single day! i HATE the eyes but like i said... i had to post something!

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