Friday 9 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 5

TGI Friday! hooray friday at last! i had a lovely visit from my friends molly and mike today so i was busy this morning cleaning and tidying then i spent the afternoon with them so... not much time for drawing today! however, i managed to draw a new 'girl' just before Ashes to Ashes started (gotta love that show, gotta love the 80's music!)

she's based on a fabulous dress from 'Carmelita Couture' (aka Carmelita Martell) my new favourite designer!

check out her fabulous website here - Carmelita Couture

here's a link to the dress i decided to have a go at drawing - sequin dress
i tried something new with the face for this one, it's quite different to my usual style, it's the same kind of thing i did for my Alice illustration the other day. for a larger view of the girl click HERE

she probably isn't finished properly but it's late and i'm watching Doctor Who so i can't be bothered any more


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