Friday 4 November 2011

Cards and Stickers ★

well it's been an eventful few days! if you follow me on facebook/twitter then you will already know that i've been stuck in Lancaster, UK for the past 2 days due to ferry cancellations!!! :(

basically, i was supposed to catch the boat home on Tuesday afternoon but due to motorway closures, i missed it by 10 minutes...

and unfortunately, all of the boats were cancelled the next day due to bad weather conditions!

but i'm FINALLY home now, and that's what matters :)

this morning i popped to the IOM post depot in Ramsey to collect lots of lovely parcels

containing... funky new Greetings Cards AND Sugar Skull stickers!!!!!

yaaaay get excited!

the cards are lovely quality, i'm really pleased with the silky finish + i think they look rather cute packaged up with envelopes in their little cello bags 

there are currently 5 designs to choose from... 

the Sugar Skull


Candy Girl


and a new scrabble design for Birthdays

+ they ALL have my logo on the back as well

and as for the stickers...

well i just want to stick them everywhere! but they're not really for me, they're for all of you...

anyway, ALL cards and stickers are now available to buy via my esty shop

and for a limited time only, ALL greetings cards ordered will come with a free Sugar Skull circle sticker as well!!!

i'm still attempting to procure some cards for Xmas, i'm trying to find somewhere to get them printed, so i'll keep you all posted on those!

but in the meantime, head on over to my etsy shop and have a skeet at what IS available - Jade's Etsy Shop

* * *

in other news, another lovely envelope also arrived for me today containing a very pretty print featuring the work of the lovely Madi Barrett aka Madiillustrates

you may remember that i ran a Creative Café feature on her gorgeous work a few months ago, and if you don't remember, well then you can check it out here - Creative Café #7

anyway, i've had my eye on the print for a while so i decided to treat myself! 

and since i was Madi's 20th customer she also sent me this beautiful little pocket mirror!

love, love, love it!

now i just need to find a space on my 'wall of stuff' to put up the lovely print!

* * *

i've a few more posts to run over the weekend to try and make up for the days lost in Lancaster! so be sure to look out for those

i have to go into college tomorrow, on a Saturday!!! shock horror, but i really need to get stuff printed ahead of my assessment, which had to be rescheduled because i missed it... thanks to the boat being cancelled!

anyway, until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★

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  1. Wow, those designs are so original and nice. I should show them to my kids, they will be amazed.