Thursday 7 July 2011

new website + other stuff ★

hey hey my lovelies! another few days of silence, i'm so sorry! but it's the last week of College and i've had stuff to do but i break up tomorrow until September so that means i'll have more time to post on here!!! (yay)

anyway, for those of you that keep up with all my stuff on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr, you might have noticed that i've posted a link to my website. . .

but the super duper part is that at long last the site re-deign is finished!!!

i'm now the proud owner of a swish (not to mention colourful) html site coded by my very super web designer friend Richard at RB designs here on the Isle of Man

it's chock full of stuff all drawn/edited by me + some easy to use galleries and links tabs, all in all it is a VAST improvement on my old 'flash' site (also known as the pink monstrosity) 

i am super duper pleased with is, i think Richard is a sorcerer... he must be to have done all this for me! + he even made me a teeny tiny cupcake favicon for the sites URL!!!

as you can see though, it's much easier to navigate + it's a lot cleaner and simpler, i am very muchly chuffed with it!

the last one was tricky to use because it was built with flash, so people on iPhones and iPads couldn't access it + it was sometimes timely to load for visitors, but this one is awesome as it's html so it runs much MUCH better

+ i think it's a lot more 'me'!!! because all of the elements were hand drawn and coloured by me it feels a lot better than the other one, feels like i've really put a bit of myself into it, and even if it comes across as a little childish and garish to some people, i don't care!

so long as it's easy to use and makes people smile, that's all that matters...

to see it for yourself in all of it's newly re-designed glory, head over and have a skeet 

* * *

in other news, today some new Moo stuff arrived in the post, all decked out in lovely orange

a new sticker book of logo and cupcake stickers + some new business cards since the 100 i left out by my exhibition vanished during the college exhibition! seriously, in just under 2 weeks visitors nabbed about 98 of my cards

all that was left this morning when i took down the exhibition were 2 lonely little cards! i'm glad people liked them so much though! apparently loads of primary school kids went round on a tour of the block and just ransacked the business cards on my display!!!

anyway i got the same old designs for this new pack + one new one featuring some yummy macaroons

pretty cute right! as per usual the ONLY way to get hold of one of these is to buy something from my shop or to come to the Isle of Man and find me...

however, these pretty cards and stickers weren't the only things to arrive today!!! 

now i may have mentioned before that i'm quite a big fan of the TV show 'Supernatural' (yeah... i have mentioned it) now through some of my lovely fangirl friends on tumblr i got sent this set of truly amazing little chibi figures based on some of the characters from the show 

(i'm a fangirl so it's my moral duty to name them for you!!!! clockwise from top left we have: Castiel, Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Crowley and Balthazar)

i can't even begin to explain how completely amazing and awesome these stickers are! i have no idea where i'll put them or what i'll do with them but i absolutely LOVE all of them ridiculous amounts!!! they were sent all the way from the USA so massive MASSIVE thanks to the lovely Dean for sending me them x

arrrrgh they are so CUTE!!! (sorry, i'll try to keep the fangirling to a minimum on here from now on... promise!) 

* * *

so that's it i think, i had a super busy day at college today taking down my exhibition, packing up my desk, finalising my picture book essay (now 27 pages long... oops!) and i spent the afternoon working on a new princess design!

tomorrow is the last day of college, i have a business meeting at lunch then i'm hoping to hoof it into town and treat myself to an end of term present, i'm thinking... a book (surprise surprise) but we shall see!

will post tomorrow ma petite chou fleurs

but until then, that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX


  1. WOW! Your new sites looks AMAZING! It's so YOU! I LOVE IT!!!! You've done a great job! :-)

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