Saturday 9 July 2011

Freedom at last ♥

so i'm sorry i didn't post last night, i truly meant to but i didn't get home until about 6:30pm and i was shattered!

i finished my first year of the HND yesterday at college and after a business meeting at the college concerning some logos i walked into town to meet my mum, my Godmother Kath, her daughter Zoe, Zoe's son Isaac, my mum's friend Beth and my cousin Mandy for lunch (phew)

it was a lovely afternoon and while we were having lunch at the Alpine i got a phonecall from my Art History tutor telling me that i'd been graded full Distinctions for my Picture Book essay (yaaaaaaaay) 

while i was in the Alpine i also sorted out the tattoo commission for the lovely Melanie and got paid for it (another yaaay) THEN i bumped into two of my best friends Mike and Quinn who attacked me in the street with a double hug... so all in all it was a really great day and a great way to end the term! 

i'm now free until September!!!!!! 

then as if all that wasn't awesome enough already i head into Ramsey to drop off some snazzy new business cards at the Sweet Ginger Emporium

pretty nifty right! Ciara asked me to use the photoshoot by Phil Kneen + add the shops logo and info, it was nice to design cards for someone else for a change!!!

anyway, it was a nice afternoon so myself + my lovely mother went for a little wander around the shops in Ramsey and since i couldn't find a book to treat myself to, i ended up buying this gorgeous vintage china teacup and saucer set from 'the Tide

i honestly haven't a clue what i'll use it for, maybe i'll keep my earrings in it! it's so pretty though! look at those gorgeous red patterns all over it!

+ i also got a lovely laser cute felt and wooden Butterfly, to replace a glass one i had hanging in my room, one i also accidentally broke a few weeks ago!

also, because i truly am a big kid that will NEVER grow up, i bought 3 more little lalaloopsy dolls to add to my collection!

i know i knooooow... i'm so uncool! but they're so cute and they look so pretty dotted about my room!

these new additions now bring my collection up to a total of eight lovely little lalaloopsy girls

look at them though! they're soooooooo super duper cute!

 i really will never truly grow up, you all know that... 

anyway... then as if the day hadn't already been amazing, i got home to find that my Godmother had given me a brand new black leather Gucci Indy handbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is sooooo gorgeous! i just love it! thanks to her my handbag collection has become home to 2 divine Chloé Paddingtons and now a Gucci Indy! she really is the best Godmother in the world! 

i actually LOVE this bag!

* * *

that's it really, this afternoon i 'test drove' the bag around Tesco while food shopping and then i came home and wrote this post!

short but sweet...

i have a new princess illustration design thing to share with you all tomorrow so stay tuned for that, oh and if any of you are on Google + search for me and add me because i'm on there now :)

right, off to make some tea now, ciao my lovelies!

that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX


  1. I want a fairy godmother! Or even just a godmother!

  2. she really is a fairy godmother! i still can't believe she got me it, i really am one lucky duck! :) x

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