Sunday 3 July 2011

Creative Café #7 ★

hello dudes and dudettes! once again i've failed to post for a few days but i have a good reason, well. . . several actually!

but i'll tell you them later because now it's time for yet another Creative Café post!!!

i've been looking forward to this one for a while actually because i absolutely LOVE this artists work!

ok go go go get your tea or coffee or nice glass of ice cold water, grab a cookie or a cupcake and settle down for some super duper colourful artwork

today it's all about the truly fabulous Madi Barrett aka Madi Illustration

now if i remember correctly i first discovered Madi's work through Twitter sometime last year, as a fan of picture book illustration in general i immediately liked her work and the more i see of it now the more i love it!

Madi is a British artist and illustrator. she uses this amazing mixed media method to create her pieces combining basic collage with
cut up fabric and paper + hand drawn elements and typography

the result is this sweet, quirky, whimsical mix of texture, colour and detail that really makes her work intriguing not to mention instantly appealing to people, myself included

ok you know what happens now, this is the part where i shut up and let you enjoy her work by yourself without my incessant jabbering and rambling about how much i love it all (but i do!!!!!) 

to start off, check out Madi's adorable monsters. . .

they are scary cute! but talking of cute, wait until you see Madi's super duper sweet picture book 'I'm a little bit scared of. . .' (available to buy here - picture book

aaah it's so lovely! as is the gorgeous Fashion Illustration Madi does for Amelia's Magazine . . .

so sooooo pretty! Madi also sells cute stuff in her etsy shop including: prints, postcards, pocket mirrors, earrings, brooches, copies of her picture book and greetings cards

her typography work is also sublime, see for yourself . . .

so there you have it! obviously she has loooooooooads more stuff but i can only pack this post with so much!

right. . . links time!

to see her full portfolio + check out the rest of 'I'm a little bit scared of. . .' (before you buy yourself a copy!) head on over the Madi's lovely website - Madi Illustration

or if you fancy treating yourself to a little brooch, pocket mirror or greetings card, check out her etsy shop - madiillustration

you can also 'Like' her work on Facebook - Madi Illustration

and follow her on Twitter - @madiillustrates

check out her blog for more info about her work - Madi Illustration.

or her Flickr photostream for more awesome artwork pics - madiillustration

of course, big big biiiiig thanks go to the lovely Madi for letting me feature her work! she is totally 'fab' :)

All images featured in this post belong to Madi Barrett © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace ANY of her work without her written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

not much else for today my dears!

i've spent the day walking and running about in the garden + dancing and boogieing to 'just dance' on the Wii

must be the nice weather! it's making me all bouncy and energetic, might as well make the most of it!

oh and by the way, the reason i haven't posted until now is because on Thursday afternoon my friend Jenny came to collect me from college and we had a lovely skeet round all the little shops in Ramsey (including Sweet Ginger of course!) before watching a bajillion episodes of Family Guy and Adventure Time on my laptop

then on Friday i went round to my friend Courtney's apartment for a girly tea party with a bunch of our friends, we all made cupcakes, cookies, homemade fudge and other yummy things to take and drank yummy rose lemonade from pretty china teacups, it was super duper fun + great to catch up with some of my old friends from high school

and on Saturday i had a business meeting at my house before spending the afternoon in town with my cousin Mandy + my little cousin Sienna

phew! busy few days for me! and tomorrow i have to be in college. . .

and so begins another week!

anyway, until next time, that's all folks . . . ★ ◕‿◕ xX

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