Sunday 31 July 2011

♥ curiouser and curiouser...

 so i've been a little quiet this week blog wise, i have a lovely new creative café post for you tomorrow but in the meantime i thought i'd share what i've been working on recently

i was looking at some of my old 'Where's Charlie?' picture book characters and i thought i'd have a go at re-inventing and altering some of the characters

so i ended up drawing two little princess style girls, and kind of like the last princess image i worked on, i imagined that these two were sisters, one very girly and pretty, the other a little bit more gothic

but as i coloured them i realised that they actually reminded me of something else... and so this was the next result!  with the lovely Ballaglass Glen acting as a makeshift Wonderland!

i'm not sure why, but as i coloured them it made me think of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, so i tweaked them a bit and added in a re-vamped 'cupcake princess' as the Red Queen!

i'm not gonna lie, they were a lot of fun to work on! i haven't really done any fan art for a while so it was nice to incorporate colours and details from existing characters for a change! 

* * *

a short but sweet post today, like i said i haven't been up to much!

look out for the creative café post tomorrow!

but until then, that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX

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