Wednesday 25 May 2011

Paper Dolls and Pinup fashion ★

So yesterday afternoon I dropped 'Sophie Lapin' off at the 'Sweet Ginger Emporium' so she's cuddled up with Pepe now and they make a cute little pair I must say

after that I popped into college for a few hours to print stuff + discuss my essay with my tutor, it wasn't exactly the most interesting of days so I thought i'd skip a blog post

anyway i've spent the past couple of days working on a funky new idea kind of inspired by an old project I worked on

at the end of my first year at college I had to keep a summer journal/logbook documenting my trips and arty thoughts, i'd recently re-discovered my love of paper dolls so I had a go at making my own while I was staying in Andorra

she wasn't that great though to be honest, for a start I coloured her in using felt tips but she was still fun to make + I had a great time researching modern and classic paper doll styles

anyway. . . i'd like you all to meet my new Paper Doll

i've been wanted to make a new paper doll design for a while so it seemed like as good a time as any to have a go at it and this little lovely was the result!

Her name is Sweet Ginger (yes like the shop) and she's from this design

Ciara and Julie at the 'Sweet Ginger Emporium' commissioned me to create this design (only i'm not telling you what it's for. . . yet!) so I took the same girl and turned her into a paper doll

I honestly have no idea how to print her out and sort her properly for sale but ideally she'd either come printed on a nice sturdy sheet of cardstock for people to cut out themselves or she'd come in a cute little packet all nicely laser cut out.

This test set was printed on a sheet of A3 card but the print quality is awful, the ink literally rubs off with a brush of the fingers (which made cutting her out a fun task. . . NOT!) but like I said, it was just a test so it doesn't really matter that she's not top quality

as you can see from the pictures, I had a blast dressing her up this afternoon, ideally i'd like to make a couple of other 'Sweet Ginger' type characters, maybe a blonde and a brunette with loads of other gorgeous little 50's style Pinup outfits

it's been that long since I drew any pinups it's been a really fun project to work on! I only ever seem to draw candy characters and sweets nowadays so it was nice to go back to some retro style pinup designs

what do you all think of her??? good or bad. . .

she was so much fun to draw and edit, admittedly not as much fun to cut out but lots of fun to play with and dress up

i might draw a few more hairstyles for her as well, as you can see she only has 2 at the moment but i'm not sure if she needs any more to be honest

so far the only people that have seen her are my friends Mike + Richard and they both seemed to like her, then again they are boys and she's a pinup so I guess that's expected!

i have had so much fun designing little 50's style outfits for her though! her wardrobe is better than mine!!! i got a lot of ideas for outfits from this awesome site -

+ i even drew her a little polka dot apron in case she wants to cook up some yummy cupcakes or something! (yes i know it's just a paper doll, just leave me and my insane imagination alone!)

 Anyway, all opinions and thoughts are welcome so please feel free to leave a comment saying whether you like her or hate her. . . 

* * *

in other news, inspired by the little outfits i created for the Sweet Ginger paper doll i've spent most of this morning trawling ASOS for fashion inspiration to help me design outfits for a more modern paper doll girl, however i immediately got distracted by one of my fave brands instead

i've really been a fan of the Australian brand 'Wheels & Dollbaby' for quite a while now, and i think you'll be able to work out why!

 well for starters their stuff is actually amazingly gorgeous and since the likes of Dita Von Teese started appearing in it's heavenly designs and i've spent many a lazy afternoon at college scrolling through the 'Wheels & Dollbaby' website drooling over the amazing pinup style dresses, cardigans, tops and skirts

if you're unfamiliar with the brand they have this brilliant vintage vibe to their designs, their dresses are pricey but worth it (well i think they are!) + they're always drop dead gorgeous

they strive to create these absolutely stunning designs that are literally made to showcase some serious curves (and we know how i feel about curves don't we!!! remember this - Curves Glorious Curves)

i adore the pencil dresses but i think if i could pick any dress off the site I'd probably pick the 'Gigi' dress purely for it's amazing puffy skirt and gorgeous floral print

but the 'Dita Rose' cardigan (named of course after the fabulous Dita Von Teese) is probably one of my top favourite things on the Wheels & Dollbaby site

it comes in such divine colours and looks so sooooo pretty! i'd absolutely LOVE one! (and you know. . . it is my Birthday next Tuesday so if anyone would like to treat me to one, that'd be awesome! hint hint)

anyway if you want to get your hands on something fabulously flirty from Wheels & Dollbaby either check out the stuff they have on sale via ASOS designer

or head on over to their official website for some pretty pinup fashion - Wheels & Dollbaby

* * *

this evening i'm going to work on my essay for a bit since my tutor told me it's nearly finished (phew!!!) but i have a new sewing project in mind so i might attempt that in a bit

until next time, that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ ★ 

p.s. - have you entered the May Giveaway yet??? in honour of my Birthday at the end of this month i've decided to hold a little giveaway again, there's a bundle of cute prizes up for grabs and you have until my Birthday, the 31st of May, to get your entries in (and yes. . . i do intend to post this at the end of EVERY blog post until the giveaway is drawn!)


  1. LOVE the paper doll! I have been a huge fan of paper dolls since I was a little kid and yours is lovely :)

  2. Aaaw this is really awesome! It's not just a paper doll, it's a style icon! Haha! She's so cute! And omg this brand is amazing! I really love those silhouettes!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    ps: i really like the way you illustrate! Are you using a tablet?

  3. Aw Jade you sent me right back to my child hood, I spent hours designing and making paper dolls and their outfits!! I literally had books full of designs! good times :)