Friday 27 May 2011

Owls and Stuff ★

so this afternoon i got home after a quick trip to 'Sweet Ginger' (to say hi to my 2 fave shop owners Julie and Ciara) i got home to find a little parcel waiting for me in the garden shed!

but. . . this was no ordinary parcel!

last week my friend Kyren from college suggested a sort of 'art swap' type thing

we were talking about 'Kidrobot' stuff and Kyren offered to send me 2 duplicate blindboxed Dunny art toys he had, he offered to send them as a gift since i'm such a big fan of kidrobot stuff yet i have NOTHING from their site!

but i felt bad not sending anything in return so he asked me to make him a little owl plush since he's a big fan of all things owl related (he is quite possibly a bigger fan of Owls than i am!)

so of course i said yes!

this little fella was the result . . .

his name is Kyrowl McHooterton and he's 100% unique (but you can call him hooters for short. . .)

i've never attempted an owl plush quite like this before but he was soooo much fun to make! he's crazy coloured, a little bit Bauhaus and very very awesome 

i hope Kyren likes him!!!!

anyway here's the first Dunny out of the box, an awesome little cowboy/indian Michelle Valigura dude

the next one was also epically awesome, it's a Shelterbank one and i LOVE IT!

check out the back of it too

but the piéce de resistance was this guy

Kyren's custom painted Munny!!!

i still can't believe he's just given it to me! i imagine it will be worth quite a lot one day when Kyren is terribly rich and famous so i shall hold onto it!

similarly Kyren should look after his new owl because who knows. . . one day even that might be worth a few quid!

they're such awesome figures though, they've all been immediately added to 'the shelf' along with my momji dolls, popobe bears and other various bits and bobs i've accumulated over the years

massive thanks to Kyren!!!

by way of thanks i'm not going to shamelessly plug his work on here! ah that's the fun of having your own blog folks!

his art is actually super epic by the way, i'm fortunate enough to have been in college with a whole bunch of really talented people and Kyren is one hell of a talented animator/graphic designer/doodler

his work has this crazy quirky vibe to it, he draws wacky stuff and it's always fun and usually rather ruddy funny

last year for FMP at college he made all this amazing merch type stuff for his website DMND and i was lucky enough to snag a load of it for my 'wall of stuff'

check out the awesome little badges

+ poster

super duper stuff right!

of course it is . . .

for more awesomeness check out Kyren's blog - Symkytz

check out his 'Wall' on - Wall Collective

follow him on twitter here - @ksimkiss

or keep up to date with his work via his facebook page - DMND

he's currently drawing on a load of postcards creating unique designs that he's willing to send out to people for free so if you want to get your hands on a piece of original doodle artwork get yourself over to his blog/twitter/facebook NOW!!!

* * *

in other news. . .

planning a quiet weekend in ahead of my Birthday on Tuesday

absolutely DREADING Tuesday to be honest!

 Birthdays aren't really my thing i guess, more of a 'Christmas' kind of girl!!!

ah well, it's unavoidable and inevitable so why moan!

have a great weekend wherever you are + whatever you're up to

that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ ★ xX 

Ps - i'm not going to keep reminding you so just get your bum over to the giveaway post and enter it already! come on guys. . . i'm giving away free stuff what's not to love here! - Giveaway


  1. Wow haha, I don't know what to say
    that was quite possibly THE most thorough and shameless plug I have ever witnessed!
    Glad you enjoyed it, have a great birthday :-)

  2. Also the owl looks absolutely awesome!! Finally someone to keep watch while I sleep ;)