Sunday 22 May 2011

Bunnies and Bunting ♥

so i stayed in AAALLLL day yesterday to crack on with mastering the sewing machine, it was a miserable day outside so i didn't miss much! 

anyway i got bored of practicing stitches all afternoon so i decided to have a go at making 'Sophie Lapin'

remember Pepe Lapin??? (from THIS post - ribbon rosettes and Pepe Lapin

well that's Pepe with the button on his tummy and Sophie with the strawberry on her tummy is his little bunny gilrfriend (i'm guessing. . .) but i didn't have enough time to make her and Pepe at the same time from the kit Julie and Ciara gave me to test, so she's been a bit late turning up for their date!

well she's here now, but while Pepe is entirely hand stitched with a needle and thread (and a LOT of hours spent listening to 'the Freelance Whales' while sewing) 

Sophie is almost entirely machine sewn!!! it's probably a good thing though because i imagine that not everyone that buys the kit would own a sewing machine so they'd have to sew them by hand, or alternately they'd prefer NOT to sew them by hand and use a machine instead! well now there's one of each! i just need to drop her off at the shop so that she can be reunited with Pepe

she was machine sewn though which would explain the slight messiness to her, what can i say, only i would be mad enough to sew neater by hand than on a machine!!!

saying that though, have a look at what i made this morning before lunch

my very own candy coloured bunting! 

i've wanted some 'proper' fabric bunting for ages but every time i see some in a shop (usually 'the Tide' or the Cath Kidston section at 'Selfridges') i get this insane makers guilt, i.e. i love the ready made strings of bunting but when i see them i can't help but think 'i could make that' and so i end up not buying any pretty bunting at all!!!

well, now i have a sewing machine i figured it was time to have a go at some DIY bunting and voila! + it was a great chance to use some of the awesome cupcake printed fabric i got from 'Just Enough' weeks ago

there are 4 flags for each fabric, the pale pink heart spotted fabric, the cupcake printed fabric + the cute pink gingham i bought when we picked up my sewing machine

my seams are a little off on the ribbon but weirdly the seams for the flags are perfect, each flag is also double sided so it doesn't matter which way you put up the bunting, it will always look the same

it was great fun to make and providing i can get hold of some pink bias binding i could easily neaten this design up and make a couple more to sell via etsy or in the Sweet Ginger Emporium

* * *

speaking of etsy. . .

i totally forgot to tell you all that my shop is open again!

if you follow me on facebook or twitter you'll probably have seen me posting links to the shop but if not, it's officially open again now

i've taken a few things out (for now) + added in a whole bundle of plushie necklaces + the new greetings cards

head on over and have a skeet at what's on offer - the Candy Cove on etsy

* * *

not much else to report today, tomorrow i'm off to college to work on my essay + raid the graphics room printer again 

i also have some groovy new illustration stuff to edit and it's NOT anything to do with the cupcake princess, it's something new. . . sort of!

until then, that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ ★ 

p.s. - have you entered the May Giveaway yet??? in honour of my Birthday at the end of this month i've decided to hold a little giveaway again, there's a bundle of cute prizes up for grabs and you have until my Birthday, the 31st of May, to get your entries in -

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