Thursday 19 May 2011

★ ♥ May Giveaway Times ♥ ★

so i've decided to (attempt to) hold another little giveaway here on my blog

for those of you that don't know, my Birthday is at the end of this month, (literally at the end. . . it's on the 31st) so because of this i thought it would be nice to give one of you lovely readers a chance to win some cute little goodies

i intend to draw a winner of the giveaway on Wednesday the 1st of June, the day after my Birthday so you have precisely 13 days to enter

but more importantly . . . 

here's what you can win THIS time! 

allow me to break it down for you . . .

we have: a super cute acrylic ice cream brooch (perfect for the summer) and mini loveheart rubber duck keyring (or possible necklace charm, up to you) from that fab shop 'Just Enough' in Laxey here on the Isle of Man

a mini Popobe bear keyring from 'Funny Love' in Douglas, since i collect these myself i thought it would be cool to give one away so that someone else can start their own collection of Popobe cuties

a little pack of delicious strawberry cupcake scented  mini wet wipes, i have a packet of these in my handbag at all times in case i get glue on my hands at college or spill something and they really are heavenly + they make your hands smell divine

a super cute set of Herve Tullet doodle monster badges from the Tate art shop, i bought these for the last giveaway but forgot to put them in the prize bundle!

a really cute candy coloured lucite bracelet from one of my fave online necklace/bracelet shops Plastic Bat, it also has the sweetest key and locket shaped t-bar clasp

a far FAR too adorable fairtrade hand sewn Birdy notebook from the amazing 'Shakti Man' fairtrade store in Ramsey here on the island

i bought this notebook specially for this giveaway since i thought you'd all really like it (and maybe that would encourage you to actually enter the giveaway this time . . .) here you can see that yes. . . it really is a notebook, just think how cute would your notes and lists look in this little beauty!

i'm also throwing in this fabulously fruity and fun charm bracelet from Topshop since i think it's perfect for Summer days out and is a nice little outfit brightener whatever your age

and last but not least, i'm also giving away one of my Cupcake Greetings cards, the card comes sealed in a little cello bag along with it's envelope + the card is blank inside for your own special message

and that's it . . . so far! i mean you know me, i'll probably buy a few more little bits to go in the bundle, but for now i don't think it's too shoddy a set of prizes!

so on to the MOST important part! how can you enter to win it all . . .

oh and remember i don't care if you're on the other side of the planet, if you win the giveaway i will post this stuff out to you, no problem!

i know i have a lot of international followers and i don't want any of you to think that you can't enter!

YOU CAN (in fact, please do!!! the last giveaway winner was from the USA and that's soooo far away from where i live yet i posted it all out no bother! so i am happy to post these goodies out no matter where the winner lives!)

also, the competition is open to both BOYS and GIRLS! i know the stuff i giveaway is kind of cute and girly but lads, if you take a fancy to any of the giveaway goodies don't be shy, feel free to take part and enter the giveaway . . .

ok so to enter all you have to do is comment on THIS here post right here that you are reading NOW right here... here just scroll down and leave a comment HERE

(even if it's just a word, leave a comment and you'll automatically be entered)

alternately, if you follow me on Twitter @jadeboylan you can retweet to enter or send me an '@' reply/mention saying that you want to be entered in the giveaway. just put 'count me in' or something to that effect

or if you don't have a blogger account you can send an email to this address telling me that you want to enter -

and you can also "like' or leave a comment on the Facebook Fan Page scroll down until you find a post mentioning the giveaway

it's  T H A T  simple!

to gain extra entries you can also reblog me on tumblr - the-jaded-one 
i'll reblog it at least once a day so just scroll my page until you find it

(i had a surprisingly high amount of tumblr entries last time i did a giveaway so if you have a tumblr account i'd recommend entering there as well) 

oh and for an extra EXTRA entry you can mention this giveaway in a blog post (if you do this then please leave or send me a link so i can see the post) in fact the last Giveaway winner mentioned my giveaway on her blog so you know. . . get blogging dudes and dudettes!

♥ ♥ ♥

maximum of 6 entries per person

the giveaway is running until Midnight (UK time) on Tuesday the 31st of May

i will draw a winner on the Wednesday morning (1st of june) using a random number generator

i'll post the results later that same day (Wednesday the 1st of June) and the winner will be notified via email, facebook, tumblr or twitter accordingly

so go now and enter the giveaway

look at all the cute stuff you can win! 


* * *

that's all for today but you'll be glad to know that i've already written out tomorrows blog post so be sure to look out for it tomorrow evening around 6pm time (6pm UK time obviously!)

that's all folks . . .  ◕‿◕ ★ xX


  1. Everything is so cute. Entering!

  2. Excellent giveaway & lots of gorgeous goodies - brilliant choice of stuff :)

  3. Cheers for the banner jade! Also, entering on behalf of my lil' sister :-)

  4. ooh, i love the cupcake brooch, and the notebook is adorable! :]

  5. you are my favourite bade joylan in the world ;) haha. LOVE YOU (and boy joylan)

  6. Enter me pleaseeeeee =]
    Lots of love Boylan

  7. oh im in, for sure. happy birthday. wait, arent we supposed to gift you??!!! id put you on my blog if i even knew how to have one. so for now ill just post your blog as my facebook status AGAIN as yu have continously plugged me. hurrah! made 50 sweet ginger strips packs today and a door sign with your artwork. love it ciara x

  8. ooooh lots of gorgeousness, I'd love to enter please, both me and my 11 year old daughter would love all the sparkly stuff... you are very lovely indeed xxx

  9. Hi Jade, lots of lovely goodies! count me in :)
    Karen x

  10. It's WONDERFUL!!

    Kathleen Mokus
    FB: Kat Rego
    twitter: @chainsawhoney

  11. great blog!!! the most artistic i have been to! more artistic than mine!! hehehe lots of love!

  12. i would like to enter please...

    Chica demure
    email :
    Facebook username: chica architekt
    twitter: @AzedMc

  13. Happy Birthday In advance and really impress with your Blog and ideas

  14. hello , entre me please

    Facebook: Nada Williams
    twitter: @thegirlnada

    posted about this give away here :

  15. ENTERED! I got attacked by a pigeon today in my room O.o could do with some cheering up! ;) and its all SOOOO PRETTY!! *drools*

    I <3 your blog and happy birthday for the 31st :)
    Jess x

  16. got your entry Nada + thanks for Blogging, tumblring etc :)

    Jess you really got attacked by a pigeon!!!! that's mad! hope you're ok, thanks for stopping by + entering the giveaway :)

  17. Happy Birthday!
    I love all of your beautiful work, especially the Sweet Ginger paper doll!

  18. thanks for the nice comment Sarah glad you like the doll, you're well and truly in the giveaway draw now :)

  19. Far too cute not to enter, so count me in :)