Friday 20 May 2011

Don't Panic ★

so i've got a new desktop wallpaper i wanted to show you all . . .

for those not in the know, it's a quote from my favourite book 'The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy' by Douglas Adams

i saw it while browsing on Louie Mantia's website and knew i had to have it as my new background! it makes me smile every time i open my macbook + i think it's working . . . i haven't panicked about a thing since i picked it!

anyway, i was back at college today and after hanging out with my friends Quinn and Chris at their FMP desks for a bit, i nipped upstairs and rediscovered a bag of paper cranes i made last summer for a girl in the year below me at college

she asked me to make 100 paper cranes as decorations for a party she was having, so i managed to make 70 cranes in my last week of FMP but she ended up not using them, they've sat in the tutors study for a whole year undisturbed so i thought it was about time i claimed them back!

aren't they fun! i've been making cranes since i was about 11 when a teacher at school taught us how to make little origami boxes, most of my friends weren't too fussed but i was fascinated with learning different techniques to turn a plain piece of paper into a wonderful little 3D shape or object so i went out and bought a big book on Origami and i've been making stuff ever since!

i also hang garlands of paper cranes around my room since they are a symbol of peace + i think they brighten up the place

anyway i decided to give the bag of cranes to Ciara and Julie at 'Sweet Ginger' so they can scatter them around the shop in little colourful displays

speaking of Sweet Ginger . . .

check out the extra special felt fawn plushie i made for them on Wednesday/Thursday

isn't she a cutie!

red with white polka dots is 'the shops trademark style so i thought a polka dot fawn was in order + obviously it needed 'Sweet Ginger' on there somewhere as well!

now some people have told me it looks like a giraffe because of the dots but i want to point out that it is in fact just a pretty crazy awesome gorgeous funky dotty little fawn

here she is hanging out with 'Amelia' before i send 'Sweet Ginger' to her namesake shop and post 'Amelia' off to the Birthday girl she was made for

 anyway i actually dropped the new polka dot fawn in at the shop this afternoon and Ciara and Julie absolutely LOVED IT!!!

they danced about excitedly before popping her in the window display for all the world to see . . .

they also handed over a Birthday gift for me, i'm FORBIDDEN to open in before my birthday but i wanted to snap a photo of the gorgeous 'Sweet Ginger Emporium' gift bag it came in

so cute!


* * *

speaking of Birthday gifts however, check out what i got this afternoon . . .

that's right folks, i now own a sewing machine! at long last!!! it's actually off my dad for my Birthday but because i sew so much he's let me open it early, how grooooovy eh!

here's hoping i can actually work out how to use it. . .

* * *

this afternoon after visiting 'Sweet Ginger' i also popped into 'the Tide' to have a quick skeet, glad i went in because i found these 2 cute little ceramic bucket pots reduced because they're chipped, chips don't bother me though! i'm always in need of more funky pots for my desk so i can stash buttons and pens and be all organized

* * *

also, look what had arrived in the post when i got home this evening!!!

moooooore stickers!

but ultra awesome ones this time because i got 2 sticker books full of nothing but my logo. . .

yaaay sticky stickers ahoy!!!

* * *

in other news, i've come up with a fun new project to work on but i'm a little conflicted because i honestly haven't a clue whether or not i'm supposed to exhibit work this June at the college exhibition or not?!

if not then there's no problem, i cam crack on with my new idea

if yes. . . well that complicates things a bit since my exhibition will end up a big messy mish mash of candy coloured digitally designed girly stuff

oh what to do!

when i figure it out i'll let you know!

but for now, that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ ★ 

p.s. - have you entered the May Giveaway yet??? in honour of my Birthday at the end of this month i've decided to hold a little giveaway again, there's a bundle of cute prizes up for grabs and you have until my Birthday, the 31st of May, to get your entries in -

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