Monday 16 May 2011

★ ♥ Sweet Ginger ♥ ★

i know i KNOW i said i'd post last night but i didn't get home until 7ish and i was very tired, had a bad headache and was hungry so i just decided not to blog . . .

but that doesn't matter because i'm blogging NOW!

so at long last (and in case you hadn't already guessed) my handmade stuff + arty bits are being stocked in a gorrrgeous new shop here on the Isle of Man

for the past few weeks i've been sewing my arrrse off trying to make a bunch of necklaces in time for the shops Grand Opening . . . which was yesterday afternoon

the shop is called 'Sweet Ginger Emporium' and i'm not gonna lie... it's one of the coolest most colourful and generally awesome shops i've ever been in! 

i mean look . . . they sell buttons from jars like you're getting a bag of sweets!!! what's not to love! (+ check out that awesome Rob Ryan bunting)

it's like a retro/vintage haberdashery shop with loads of funky modern twists + it stocks all manner of incredible haberdashery goodies including gorrrrgeous fabrics and materials, criminally cute buttons, amazing ribbons 

+ they sell super duper DIY crafters kits, like the 'Pepe et Sophie Lapin' one they gave me to test out . . .

as you can see above, there's Pepe (patiently awaiting Sophie to join him) next to some of the awesome felt making kits + tapestry kits

the shop also stocks the most adorable embroidery and sewing stuff, like the French brand 'Maison Sajou' which was founded in 1828 and has the most beautiful old fashioned packaging

not to mention that Sweet Ginger is one of only 2 shops in the UK to stock Emily Peacock tapestry kits 

the only other shop selling them being Liberty of London . . .
apart from that though it just has this really great vibe, they stock all this sumptuous fabric and ribbon from India + the most wonderful patterned fabrics

+ there are all these amazing handmade garments, bags and accessories dotted around the shop

it's a veritable treasure trove of eccentric accessories and cute little gifts + everything you could ever want/need to have a go at making your own stuff

i mean look at these pretty bags! 

and these cute head bands 

they also stock all these really cute handmade bits and pieces from Curious Key (aka Danielle Stowell) 

their maker shelves are one of the first things you see when you walk in the door . . .

oh and what's that along the top row. . . could it be?! MY STUFF

it sure is folks . . . it sure is!

i spent a good hour and a half yesterday morning just setting it all up and trying to make it a little candy coloured corner of fun

now there are certain items here that are 'by order only' (like the dolls, the lollipops and the fawns) so technically not everything is on sale but all of the necklaces are + the postcards and the greetings cards and who knows. . . maybe even soon the little canvases as well

and that's that really, i couldn't get pictures of everything yesterday morning because i had to leave in a hurry and i couldn't get pictures at the opening yesterday afternoon because it was just sooooo busy!

right, for those of you that live local, the shop is at 68a Parliament Street, Ramsey and if you like shops like 'Just Enough', 'the Tide' and 'Abode' then you'll love this. . . get yourselves there asap!

anyway, for more info on the shop go ahead and 'Like' the Facebook Page - Sweet Ginger Emporium

or feel free to follow the shop via Twitter - @SweetGingerShop

+ massive thanks to the lovely Ciara and Julie for asking me to be a part of it all in the first place xX

* * *

in other news . . . 

it's the first time in weeks that i haven't absolutely HAD to spend every waking moment sewing stuff and i'm struggling to cope! well . . . not really

i'm attempting to finish my college essay today (in between episodes of 'Supernatural' + copious amounts of strawberry milk) and i'm still getting over the fact that my hands and fingers aren't sore for once!

hhhm perhaps i'm a little bit addicted to sewing though! i wonder what i could make next?!

also in other news, i woke up this morning to find a super duper awesome thing

the artist/illustrator/designer and all round general genius Mr Jon Burgerman (who some of you may know i am a huuuuge fan of) recently started a group on facebook in which you can submit a photo of yourself which, if he gets time, he will do a little drawing of it

well myself + two of my college friends, Kyren and Jeni are all big BIG fans of Jon's work so we all submitted photos of ourselves to be 'Burgered' and at last . . . he drew us!!!

here's Kyren's

here's Jeni's

and here's mine . . .

aren't they great! i think they are completely and utterly hilarious!!! yet still totally awesome! even if he did make my eyes brown . . . they're green Jon GREEN!!!

to get 'Burgered' yourself, request to join the group here - Burgered

and to check out some of Jon's awesome art, head over to his website - Burgerplex

* * *

pretty sure that's all for today, ah well if i've forgotten anything i'll add it tomorrow or another day!

that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ 

ps - i'm in the mood for another little giveaway, head on over to the Facebook page now and check out the poll i made, who knows . . . i might just have to giveaway some cute goodies again soon!

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