Thursday 7 April 2011

Lusciously Lovely Lipsticks ♥

so today it's been another gloriously sunny day here in the Isle of Man

i've had a killer headache all day so decided to get some fresh air and wander up to the postbox to check the mail

my postbox is a good five minute walk up a hill so it gave me chance to sample the lovely Spring day even if i was ill (and still wearing my pj's)

good job i checked the post because . . .

my new lipsticks had arrived!!!

i was sent two absolutely gorgeous shades of red lipstick from 'Rockalily' (if you recall, i designed the lipstick logo below for Rockalily recently)

now Rockalily is run by the fabulous and totally gorgeous ReeRee Rockette who i've been a fan of for a while now, her blog is brilliant and she always dresses wonderfully, very 50's rockabilly + she has some seriously awesome ink (i may be scared of needles but i'm still a fan of tattoos)

she is utterly fabulous in every way since not only does she run her own cosmetics brand and blog about her awesome rockabilly themed life, she also runs a quirky networking group for other women running their own businesses

anyway, since i network with her via twitter (@ReeReeRockette) i've become aware of the cosmetics brand 'Rockalily' she's been launching

well it finally launched yesterday morning so i knew i just HAD to get my hands on some of those lipsticks!

so far she's launched 4 fabulous shades of Rockalily lipstick, each is specifically designed to suit particular skin tones and most excitingly of all, 2 of them are designed especially to suit pale skin

there's . . .

Rockette Red: creamy and luxurious matte lipstick. classic bright red perfect for paler skin tones. also a blue based lipstick (better for making your teeth look whiter)

Roulette Red: a deeper shade of classic red. also perfect for paler skin tones, with a more sultry look. also blue based.

Hot Rod Red: an orange based red more suitable for darker skin tones, classic bright red.

Pompadour Pink: a gorgeous semi-gloss lipstick in bright fuchsia. also blue based, 'the perfect pink'

as you can see, they're ALL gorgeous! but i plumped for 'Rockette Red' and 'Roulette Red' since i am after all quite a pale person (in case you hadn't noticed) and because they looked so super duper sublime!

+ i found it hard not to automatically love a make-up brand that has this as it's tag line . . .

"Rockalily Lipsticks - Because life is too short not to wear lipstick"

now i've been wearing red lipstick for years but it hasn't been easy since 9 times out of 10, a lipstick that i try/buy just ends up looking pink when i wear it since the blue or orange tones in it are all wrong for my skin tone (despite what the cosmetics shop assistants say . . .)

i have several tubes still stacked up on my dressing table (+ 2 more secreted away in my handbag) so the search for 'the perfect red lipstick' is a search i've been on for quite a while now! 

even top brands like Chanel, Dior, MAC and Tom Ford have failed to serve up an appropriate 'red' for me, more's the pity really because i've lost and given away dozens of lipsticks over the years simply because they failed to do their job . . . until i got hold of a Rockalily lipstick that is!!! 

after moping about watching movies i thought i'd cheer myself up by testing out the lippy so this afternoon i tried on 'Roulette Red' the slightly darker, 'sultrier' shade out of the two and as soon as i'd swiped it on i was just beaming because, as you may have noticed, it's actually RED!!!

did i mention that i LOVE it . . . because i totally do! (i was in the sun here by the way hence the ridiculously pale skin, i'm not usually that pale!)

i haven't tried the 'Rockette Red' yet but i'm pretty sure we can guarantee the fact that it will actually be red when i wear it!

seriously, to all my lovely 50's, vintage and rockabilly loving readers out there, if you've ever struggled to find a great shade of red lipstick, get yourself one of these!!!

not only is the colour fab but they're so creamy to apply and i've been wearing a coat of 'Roulette Red' for over an hour and a half now and my lips still feel all moisturized (the Rockalily lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E so they won't dry out like most other lipsticks)

also, the pigment is so rich that you don't even need lipliner with them, this one still hasn't feathered and normally any other of my red lipsticks would have feathered and dried out all over the place by now

i fully LOVE my new lipsticks!!!

oh my golly gosh i can't go on enough about how fabulous they are!

if you're a regular red lippy wearer, i'd recommend you buy yourself a tube (or two. . . or twenty!)

but they're only available as a limited run at the moment, more are on the way but if you want yours now then act fast!

i ordered mine yesterday morning and they arrived today, perfection in postage form (as far as i'm concerned it is anyway! living on an Island i normally have to wait days/weeks for things to arrive!)

get yours here - Rockalily

and massive thanks to the fabulous ReeRee for launching this brilliant Cosmetics brand in the first place (and for being so awesome) i can't wait to see what she launches next!

head over to the official Rockalily site for more info or follow @RockalilyLondon

all images (apart from the ones of me and my messy room!) are the legal Copyright of Rockalily and ReeRee Rockette

pictures via - Rockalily and Rockalily Fan Page

* * *

nothing else to report today, i'm heading out tomorrow to search for a Birthday present for my mum

might just have to try out the other Rockalily lipsticks as well!

that's all folks . . .

★ ◕‿◕ xX

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