Tuesday 5 April 2011

Headaches and Haberdashery ★

so as you know, i've not been feeling too well lately!

despite this, i (foolishly) decided to leave the house yesterday 

but it was for a noble cause . . .

i needed more ribbons and buttons from 'Just Enough'

it was worth it though! i might have been cold ridden and coughing/sneezing left right and centre but it was all in the pursuit of glorious crafty bits and bobs

what a truly marvellous array of multicoloured ribbony goodness!!!

* * *

so yesterday was an odd day really, odd because i woke up at 7:30am feeling less ill and by 2:30pm that afternoon i was pretty much ready to pass out under my desk at college

i don't know why but in some weird twist of fate i always seem to be ill whenever Juan has an exhibition on! 

being 'too ill to leave the house' has stopped me from going to his last 2 exhibitions so i was determined to make it to this 3rd one even if i had to crawl there on my hands and knees . . .

luckily i didn't have to crawl there (which was a plus really since i quite literally live in the middle of nowhere)

in a last ditch attempt at saving my sanity, i left college early and fell asleep for two hours, fortunately when i woke up i felt slightly more human so i made it to the 'gighibition' after all

the artwork was totally ruddy gorgeous and amazing (as always) and all of the local live acts (Planes over ParisAnna Goldsmiththe HeightsSimon CampbellChristy DeHaven and Cohiba) were also pretty darn fabulous which came as no surprise really, seeing as all of the artwork was based on original music created by all of the acts there performing and all of the paintings were brilliant so the music that inspired them was clearly brilliant as well!

it was a pretty awesome idea really and it made for some truly inspired paintings based on the song lyrics and melodies that accompany them. like Juan said, the whole point of it was so that . . . "the art will be on show during live performances of the songs by the musicians who wrote them"

 unfortunately i only stayed for just over an hour but there was a great atmosphere in the Villa Marina Arcade where the event was staged + it made a really beautiful and unusual venue

i'm so SO glad i actually made it to this one! i'm just kind of sad that i couldn't stay longer to hear all of the bands and  singers performing, i just felt too poorly

fingers crossed i'll be well for the next exhibition!

for local readers: don't worry if you couldn't make it to the 'gighibition' last night, all of the artwork will be on display in the far end of the Villa marina Arcade for the next 2 weeks 

Copyright of all the pictures used here belongs to Juan Moore

pictures: via BBC in pictures and Juan Illustration

visit Juan's blog for more info about his next 'Welcome to the Neighbourhood' exhibition - Juan Illustration

* * *

in other news . . .

before i began to feel too ill to move yesterday, i actually managed to finish off a little mini project i've been working on bit by bit for the past 2 weeks

the idea is for them to be two separate words pegged up but for the sake of testing out the pegs (and for having finally finished the letters) i photographed them like this, stuck to my art/architecture book case

each letter is made of cardboard which i've painted with several layers of gouache (for a sort of matted pink icing effect) and then decorated with lashings of sequins, ribbons and beads

i've a slight suspicion that these beads and sequins were the cause of my godawful head splitting headache yesterday afternoon hence my relief that the words are finally finished!!!

* * *

i've not been feeling too great today so i've pretty much spent the entire day curled up on the sofa re-reading 'The Bell Jar' and drinking strawberry milkshake

might make a few more ribbon flowers later but who knows! 

this cold seems to have drained all my creativity

the good news is that i break up for the Easter Holiday this Friday so i have about 3 weeks off college to draw and sew and be super duper arty

but for now, that's all folks . . .

◕‿◕ ★ xX

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