Wednesday 12 January 2011

Threads and Thimbles ♥

so i know i've been absent for a few days, i've been busy busy busy working on some new embroidery pieces for college

the good news is i've spoken to one of my tutors and she seems to really like the idea of the embroidery project

the bad news is... it takes me FOREVER to complete a piece!!!

i spent most of last night sewing and stitching away by myself, listening to my iPod

i gave up at about 11:49pm and ended up adding some funky rococo style frames to my little digital cakes on my macbook instead

i don't know about you but i kind of prefer them WITH the frames!

anyway, i HAVE been working on little embroidering pieces based on these images, i said i was going to embroider them so... i have!

in fact, the first one is already finished...

it's taken me about 3-4 days to fully finish it but i'm glad it's done

it turned out quite cute i think + i had great fun doing the spiral stitch on the icing and the ribbon banner

the other one is still a work in progress...

i'm not sure how to finish it yet but i'm thinking... seed beads for the cherry and the icing, if i can find the patience to sew them all on that is!

i ALSO have a better pic of my 'Love Hurts' canvas embroidery piece from this post - Endless Embroidery

and just to fit in with the whole sewing + embroidery vibe i'm rocking at the moment, i also made this...

sadly he isn't from my own design, my mum bought me a little keyring making kit the other day (yes... it is for children, so what!!!) and i made him yesterday afternoon 

it reminded me that i actually have a box full of felt swatches so you never know, i may have a go at making some of my own designs into little felt creations soon as well!

* * *

on another note, i should be telling you all that there are only 8 days left to enter the

 > > > Giveaway < < < 

but to be honest...

i'm THIS close to just abandoning the whole thing!

i've only had about 5 or 6 entries so i'm really not feeling too optimistic about it

i appreciate those who have actually bothered to enter but out of 55 blog followers, 5 is just... pitiful!

i'm sorry if you have entered but don't worry, when (and if i ever do) reach 100 followers you will ALL get your entries automatically added to that comp! so you could easily end up with about 7 chances of winning!

i have a list of who's entered so for being so awesome, you'll stand an even better chance of winning the next one

AND i promise to add even more awesome little prizes to the bundle

it's not necessarily cancelled... yet

but if i don't get some more entries soon it will be!

read about how YOU can enter it here - Giveaway

* * *

that's it really, back to college for me tomorrow

yet another day of sewing!

ok until next time dudes and dudettes,

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★ xX

 tack och hej då

(that's thank you and goodbye in Swedish on behalf of Sweden, thanks for stopping by ♥)

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