Monday 31 January 2011

Magical Momiji ♥

so the other day i got an email telling me i'd won a blog giveaway...

now after i stopped feeling a tad guilty that i canceled my own blog giveaway (because NONE OF YOU ENTERED IT!!!!) i got a little bit excited to see what it was i'd won! 

(i knew what i'd won but for the sake of the blog... i'm not going to spoil the surprise! now let me get on with the post... thank you!)

anyway the parcel from Rhi-Mixx arrived today...

firstly... how freakin' ADORABLE is that wrapping paper?!?!

i've never received a parcel in the mail with paper as awesome as that, usually it's just boring brown or white packaging not totally super duper like this...

anyway after i'd stopped squealing about how cute the paper was i settled down and opened it (like a normal person)

the box was sealed with this really sweet pink tape covered in tiny little birds (this is by far the most adorable parcel i've ever been sent!)

so i opened up the box...

yay prizes!!!

ok so here's what i won...

soooo many cute things!!!!!

i got a roll of that cute pink birdy tape, dozens of momiji stickers, another roll of tape (with cupcakes on!!!), a packet of momiji printed tissues (which i will probably never use since they are far too cute to destroy with a sneeze), an adorable little momiji printed mini bag and loads more harajuku style stickers!!!

and last but not least a super cute hot pink touchy-feely (flocked) momiji tulip doll

cuteness overload!

i mean just look at the rest of the stickers i got as well...

i'll be honest though, i was more chuffed with the new momiji doll

Rhiannon aka Rhi-Mixx, who ran the giveaway, collects momiji's herself and i sort of do too, i have several kokeshi dolls (which are similar... but NOT the same) but i also already have 3 momiji's that i've received as gifts over the years so i'm glad to have another one to add to my little collection

here they all are together, welcoming the new addition...

one of the points of momiji dolls is that they are message dolls. each doll carries a message in her base that can be filled in by whoever gives or receives the doll

out of curiosity i checked the message in the base of the new doll and was delighted to find that Rhi-Mixx had already filled it in...

if you can't quite make it out it says 'to Jade, Congratulations from Rhi-Mixx'

they are just too cute! i love the story of how they began and what they're all about but i shan't bore you with it on here, you can find it out for yourself if you want to... it's all on their site.

to get hold of your very own momiji doll + find out more about them, you can visit this official momiji site which is chock full of momiji cuteness - momiji dolls

so big BIG thanks to Rhi-Mixx for holding the giveaway in the first place + for sending me such gorgeous prizes!!!

i suggest you visit her blog which is always full of all things adorable and cute, fashion bits, kawaii bobs, really super duper stuff... - the Mixxture

* * *

in other news...

i didn't go to college today mainly because i woke up feeling so ill!

i've been doing a bit of sewing this morning but it's not going to well to be honest!

here's hoping i get a burst of creativity at some point this week!!!

until next time,

that's all folks... 

◕‿◕ ★ xX

Paldies un uz redzēšanos

(that's thank you and goodbye in Latvian, vienmēr laipni )


  1. Congrats Jade, wow you must be lucky as you won my giveaway too if you remember? did I miss your giveaway? sorry maybe try again I am sure you will have lots of takers ;)

  2. sorry Karen i know you entered my giveaway, you didn't miss it, i just cancelled it since i only got 4 entries! i did say i'd cancel it if i got too few, kind of sad though, rhi's blog has less followers than mine and yet she got dozens of entries!!!!

    i'll try again if i ever reach 100 followers xX