Sunday 30 January 2011

Super Sunday #8 ♥

so it's that time once again

it's time for another 'Super Sunday' post!!!

now this weeks dedication is a little different...

mainly because the person it's dedicated to... doesn't actually exist!

it's dedicated instead to a cartoon character...

anyway, it'll be easier if i just get on with the post

so this weeks 'Super Sunday' post goes out to the fabulous, the gorgeous, the fictional...

Betty Boop

if you've never seen Betty Boop before i suggest you just scroll through the images on here

you'll soon become a fan i'm sure...

now i know i'm a huuuuuge fan of animation and there are undoubtedly countless animated characters that have inspired me over the years but in all honesty, no cartoon character has inspired me half as much as Betty Boop has!

i really don't know what it is about her, i just love the way she's drawn, the colours (red is after all my fave colour and Betty primarily dresses in bright red) the pout, the curves, the 20's hair, her big green eyes... she's just so awesome!

we never did quite work out how i found out about Betty Boop in the first place but all i know is that when i was about ten years old i suddenly HAD to have everything Betty Boop related asap

i remember having Betty pajamas, slippers, bubble bath, soap, lipgloss, hair bands, pens, notebooks, pencil cases, alarm clocks, mugs, shot glasses, keyrings, ornaments, headbands, magnets, posters, calendars, mirrors... the list goes on!

to be honest i went through a phase that meant if it didn't have Betty Boop on it... i wasn't interested!

my bedroom was absolutely chock full of Betty stuff! i had a sort of Betty shrine on my bookshelf (it WAS as sad as it sounds i should point that out) full of all the little Betty ornaments i'd collected from all over the world + a stack of stuff i bought during my trip to Universal Studios (Betty is now owned by Universal so i came back with a LOT of Betty merch) and a load of bits i got in Las Vegas.

I was a really weird child... i went through a 'rainbow' phase as well but that isn't important right now!

the weird thing is that when my older sister Simone was younger, her nickname was 'Betty Boop' on account of her curves and dark hair, i never knew about this until i all of a sudden became obsessed with Betty stuff

what's even weirder is the fact that my older cousin Sharon (whom i didn't even meet until well after my betty obsession had begun) is also a massive Betty Boop fan!!!

AND my two little nieces Madison and Daisy are also huge Betty Boop fans!!! 

and even my little tiny god-daughter + her little sister both love Betty, they even have Betty Boop dolls!

super weird...

of course it was the modern Betty that i knew all about though, i'd never even seen any of the original Betty Boop cartoons from Fleischer Studios 

so naturally i ended up going out and buying Betty Boop Cartoons on DVD...

the old cartoons are amazing though! even the black and white ones

the characters, the voices, the grainy animation, they're just all so sublime!

of course Betty ended up in colour eventually just like the rest of the animation world, but she still got up to the same crazy adventures in multicolour as she did in b/w

like in this colour cartoon from 1935 in which Betty and her boyfriend Freddie have to fight off an evil villain...

i have that one on DVD that's why i wanted to share it with you all

for even more Betty Boop cartoons check out this awesome site that has archives of all the old Betty toons - Cartoons

she certainly looked a lot different back then to how she looks now though!

 in fact it's safe to say that Betty's had a lot of work done since Grim Natwick first drew her in August of 1930

i've calmed down a lot since my childhood and although my bedroom is no longer stuffed full of Betty memorabilia, i do still have a few little reminders of her scattered about the place...

 i realize now though that it's probably because of my early Betty obsession that i ended up drawing Pin-ups and why my Girls always have big pouts, curves and big eyes...

it's also probably why my fave colour is red!

the truth is, i think Betty will always be a part of my life, she's inspired me a lot over the years

in fact she still inspires me now... all the time!

you see! 

right that's enough stuff about Betty, i can't even think of anything else to say other than...

"Betty Boop is AWESOME!!!"

end of

* * *

in other news,

i've had to temporarily abandon the lollipop painting since the BRAND NEW permanant marker i bought recently, decided to run out halfway through me drawing the design onto the canvas

not cool stationary shop... not cool!

anyway, college tomorrow, not sure what i'll do yet, maybe some new felt plush stuff

who knows!

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★

Ви благодарам и Довидување

(that's thank you and goodbye in Macedonian on behalf of Macedonia, Благодарам ♥)

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