Friday 21 January 2011

50's fashion for Spring ★

so i've spent the past few days working on stuff at home + at college

the business type meeting thing i had on Wednesday afternoon was good, i think it went well (i hope it did anyway!!!)

anyway, today i spent most of the day sewing together some new outfits for the Little Dolls, i've actually made two more but i'm not going to post them today since i have other things to post...

those of you that have followed my blog for a while might remember a post i did a while back all about the truly super duper and awesome Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek

her fun and flirty fashions have inspired me so many times it seems almost criminal that i STILL don't own one of her dresses!

for those that haven't seen her incredible designs, there's plenty of photos in the original post i did about her, 

here's a link - Hats & Happy times

well, that post was all about her fabulous A/W 2010 collection

THIS post is about her gorrrrgeous S/S 2011 collection

now i'm not really a Spring/Summer kind of girl, i've always been more of an Autumn/Winter lover but THIS collection might just have changed my mind about which seasons are the best!!!

i don't know what i love more about this new collection...

the truly gorgeous dresses and outfits, or the vertiginous high heels all the models seem to be wearing!!!

her clothes combine the flirty fun of 50's fashion with the sexy naughtiness of rockabilly

think pretty girly dresses against wicked tattoos and you're totally there!!!

anyway, i'm going to let the pictures do the talking since i tend to ramble on when i do these posts

so here we go...


one super duper collection right?!?!

i'm pretty sure that i need ALL of the dresses asap!

believe it or not but i ONLY included my fave pieces!!!

hell i'd have everything in the collection if i could...

once again, the amazing photographs are by the Austrian photography team - Lupi Spuma 

and to see the rest of the collection + to find out a bit more about the lovely Lena, check out her official website here - Lena Hoschek

* * *

that's it for today

it's Friday night which naturally means i'm at home by myself watching Father Ted DVD's and slowly demolishing a box of pink iced strawberry donuts

i live SUCH a glamourous life i know!!!

stay tuned for a post tomorrow, i'll post the new Little Doll outfits + show you my new illustration

enjoy your weekend!

that's all folks...

♥ ◕‿◕ ★ 

danke vielmals und auf wiedersehen

(that's thank you and goodbye in German, on behalf of Austria this time, since Lena Hoschek is Austrian it seemed fitting that my farewell for this post fit in accordingly, danke 

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