Monday 17 January 2011

College Creativity ★

Well hello there merry readers...

how has your day been?

I've had a surprisingly productive day today at college, i'm quite chuffed with myself actually because I got LOADS done today!!!

which makes a nice change really considering I spend most of my time at college staring into space while listening to playlists on repeat...

I mean, yeah I do looooots of work

anyway, back to todays post

I have another new crafty creation (or two) to share with you all

there wasn't much on the TV on Saturday night and I figured i'd spent long enough watching Disney movies so I stuck on my iPod and started a new sewing project

I had only intended to work on it for an hour or two but I ended up working until about 3:15am on Sunday morning!!!

but she is sort of finished now...

would you like to meet her?!

of course you would!!!

well here she is

what do you think? 

well before you make up your mind maybe you should meet her little friend that turned up on Sunday evening 
these little felt dolls are the latest fruits of my recent seemingly endless sewing missions... 

but just in case you were wondering where i got the idea for these girls, check out this page from my children's picture book 'Where's Charlie?'

i know the outfit isn't exactly right but it's as similar as i could get it (at 2am in the morning!)

and as for the other one, well she's supposed to be the little girl with plaits from the dance school...

so far as names go, i'm not sure what to call them!

they're based on my little cousins so maybe i should go with their names for now!

the redhead is based on my god-daughter Bonnie who turns 6 in March

and the brunette is based on my little cousin Sienna who turned 5 at the start of this month

for the time being i'm settling on Little B and Little S 

(and NO 'bs' jokes please!!! these are for kids after all!)

anyway, i'm pretty pleased with how they turned out

i've never really sewn anything quite like this before or made dolls this small (they're about 7.5 inches tall) but they were fun to make, albeit rather time consuming!

anyway, i've had great fun with them at college today, it's almost as if they've kept me company!

they've had lots of fun though, this morning they went to the fun fair...

little B got some yummy cotton candy

and little S won a big cuddly duck

they had a really great time but then the fun fair is always fun! that's the point!!!

and then... in the afternoon they played at dress up for a bit

Little S found some super girly, hot pink accessories to prance about in (since pink is her absolute favourite colour) like a little princess
and Little B decided to have a go at being a Pirate... aaarrrrrr!

wow... what a busy day they've had!

i wonder what adventures they'll get up to next!

you'll have to wait and see, but i'm afraid for now, they have to say goodbye...
* * *

in other news, i also whipped up a new version of THIS illustration today

i love the colours in the original version but i felt like something a little bit girlier was needed, so i went for a somewhat softer option on the colour palette...

she truly is quite a super duper sweet girly girl...

* * *

also, something equally as super duper arrived today!

i'll give you a clue...

no, it's not a Miu Miu handbag (sadly) however it is... my BRAND NEW GLASSES!!!!!

i don't wear my glasses all the time since i wear contact lenses but i've needed glasses since i was 7, just in case you were wondering why there are zero photos of my in my spectacles...

anyway, aren't they pretty! a whole lot  smarty pants looking, but that cute little sparkly M on the frames brightens them up looooads!

i love love love them! AND they arrived in a pretty pastel pink Miu Miu box lined with a gorgeous golden pattern and a kitschy gold velvety case.

here's a teeny tiny photo of me wearing them

although sadly, i don't wear them quite as well as Kirsten Dunst does...

oh well a girl always needs something to aspire to...

* * *

and that's it for today faithful followers and remarkable readers

i hope you've enjoyed todays post, i know i had fun writing it + editing the photos

until next time

that's all folks...


благодаря ви и Довиждане

(that's thank you and goodbye in Bulgarian on behalf of Bulgaria, Мерси ♥)

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