Sunday 14 November 2010

Super Sunday #2 ♥

wow it's been a few days since my last post!

big apologies, i've been stupidly busy with this project i'm working on for a company i'm not allowed to name for an event i'm not allowed to talk about...

oh you're intrigued now i bet! 

well tough... it's remaining a secret until i get permission to reveal it to you all 

(i have got permission, just not yet and i know when the date is but you don't! mwah ha ha ha ha!!! *evil villain laugh*)

anyway, all i am allowed to tell you at this time is that on Friday afternoon during College times i got a call summoning me to the College reception where i took delivery of a massive box of... BRIGHT RED Lego

best delivery ever?! definitely my best college delivery to date (sorry Ash, those flowers i won were truly gorgeous but come on... it's Lego!)

there's no point hiding what was in the box since i've been 'tweeting' and 'facebooking' about it all weekend

however... i can't tell you who sent me the Lego, why they sent me it and... most importantly, what it's for!

what i can tell you is that having it has been SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

i'd forgotten how much i freaking LOVE playing with Lego! LEGO LEGO LEGGGOOOOO

* * *

anyway on with the post! as you may have noticed, it's a Sunday which means...

it's time for another 'Super Sunday' post ♥

you can check out last weeks 'Super Sunday' post here - 

* * *

this week after a long hard think about what i should post about i thought... 'come on, it's obvious who i think deserves a 'Super Sunday' dedication' and so i went with that!

so this week, Super Sunday is all about... (drumroll) 

the fabulous, truly genius and quite literally amazing... 
Monsieur Christian Louboutin

that's right... this weeks post goes out to sing the praises of the man who is without a doubt... MY favourite Shoe Designer in the world! 

(this doesn't mean i don't love other shoes designers, it just means he's my favourite. because he totally is ok!) 

but what can i say! since i first spotted that eternally sumptuous red sole on a pair of stilettos years and years and years ago... i've been hooked! 

so why do i adore him + his gorgeous shoes so damn much?!

well there are lots of reasons, let's review them shall we...

1: he uses bright red soles on all his shoes, it's a signature part of all his designs and i don't think i need to remind you all that my favourite colour is indeed red glorious RED!

2: his shoes are quite literally Gods gift to women! made of the most gorgeous materials with beautiful finishes, dazzling embellishments and quite possibly the sexiest looking heels in all of fashion (that flash of red ALWAYS catches peoples attention) his shoes are a thing of sheer beauty on or off a woman's foot...

3: he's also a fantastic illustrator! his shoes themselves are often like works of art but his initial design drawings could easily be hung on the walls of a gallery or sold as prints... i'd buy one! or several...

and he also collaborated with the Paris based, Ladurée bakery (creator of the most delicious and most darling looking macaroons in the world) and created a series of illustrations to adorn their adorable little boxes...  trés génial! c'est incoryable non!

4: he's a fan of Mika and since designing a whole fleet (yes... a fleet) of shoes for the singer's worldwide tour, the two have also become great friends! 

need i say more... we all know that Mika is my favourite singer right?! well... my favourite singer and my favourite Shoe designer are friends, could i honestly ask for more?! plastic toy squirt guns? ... way ahead of you!

5: he hasn't just stopped at creating fabulous Shoes! he also turned his ridiculously creative mind and hands to designing beautiful little evening bags and handbags, much to the rapturous delight of women everywhere! 

and just like his shoes, these bags hold a delicious little flash of that signature red too, the lining is always bright red and the bags often incorporate this darling little clasp made of a pair of super high heels, which if you look verrrry closely, you will notice also have red soles... magic!

6: he even worked on a collaboration with 'Barbie' creating what may just be the most fashion forward and well shod doll in the entire world! 

7: he has an incredibly awesome website! is so jam packed with super duper snaps of shoes and bags + it's always fun to look around since there's lots of flying shoes and interactive glittery bits mixed in with a little bit of animation... genius! 

it also tells you where in the world you are (in case you forget...) but that's not the point, the point is that it shows MY location as the Isle of Man which is a true rarity indeed since most sites i visit tell me in in England! so merci beacoup for that Monsieur Louboutin!

seriously you would not believe how long it took me to get that screencap off his site! the shoes were moving all over the place and it was reaaaaallly tricky! but such is my love for you all (and surprisingly for those shoes) i persevered and got the cap!

and although i could easily carry on numbering reasons why he's so AWESOME, i shan't do any more... promise!
so yes i'm a MASSIVE fan of his shoes and yes i think he's a true design legend but in a way it's kind of sad for me to spout all this stuff about the loveliness of Louboutins!

so why is it sad? well apart from the fact i don't actually own a pair of Louboutin masterpieces... i've never even tried on a pair!!! (collective gasp)
and no it's not because i've never seen them in a store... come on! it's me here! i had to be dragged away from the Louboutin dept in Brown Thomas, Dublin this Summer!

 hell i would LIVE in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols or Harrods if they'd let me and i lost count of how many times i spotted them on sale the last time i was in Las Vegas! 
i mean yes i drooled over them like a silly fangirl and i stood and 'oohed' and 'aahed' at their gorgeousness but i just couldn't bring myself to try on a pair!

why? well it's quite simple... i have this theory that if i ever try on a pair of his shoes i will be so overcome with shoe lust i'll HAVE to buy them no matter what!

and so far i really haven't worked out if i'll be able to overcome 'buyers guilt' for a pair of them so for now... i shall remain Louboutin-less! 

but i can live with that because as long as Monsieur Louboutin continues to make fabulous shoes... i shall continue to lust after them and then you know that one day i'll probably end up with a room full of them or something!

it'll happen... i'll make sure it will!

Merci beaucoup Christian, vous êtes étonnant et merveilleux xX

* * *

in other news...

it was the last F1 race of the season today, the 'biggie' and although the odds seemed to be on Spains Fernando Alonso (driving for Ferrari)  to win the championship... the race didn't go too well for him so instead...

F1 now has it's youngest champion in history because 23-year-old Sebastian Vettel of Germany (driving for red Bull) won the race AND the world championship!!!!!

yaaaaaaaay for Sebastian! 

it was an extra awesome race since Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button (both driving for McLaren) finished in 2nd and 3rd so as it turned out...

my 3 favourite F1 drivers were all on the podium!

this = good times indeed!

* * *

ok that's another Super Sunday post is in the bag i think, 

i'm all happy from the F1 result so on that note i'm off to make some butter popcorn and pop on a moooovie

have a nice Sunday

that's all folks...

★ ◕‿◕

'Muchas Gracias y Adios'

(that's 'thank you and goodbye' in Spanish on behalf of Spain, thanks for the page views Spain x)

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