Friday 27 August 2010

the not-so-Domestic Goddess

Today I stayed at home again only it wasn't all fun times because I had to spend the day cleaning and tidying my room!

As soon as I woke up I got stuck in and (with the addition of a few laptop infused breaks + a quick watch of Kiki's Delivery Service) managed to get it all pretty tidy and nice and clean.

I'm not exactly what you'd call a domestic Goddess... more of a domestic goat to be honest but still, I tried my best and got hoovering, scrubbing and mopping to tracks by Glen Miller, the Chordettes, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and so on and so forth.

You'd be surprised at just how effective music like that is to clean to, it worked a treat and I got to sing along to my hearts content.

Anyway, the music and the day of cleaning got me thinking and I remembered these awesome 50's style aprons my friend Charlotte and I found last night on a website (check them out HERE) and while my floor dried from it's mopping times I settled down for a bit of drawing.

This is what I came up with in the end, two delightfully domestic Goddesses at work in their pretty aprons baking just like I did with my friends the other day ◕‿◕

one is having a baking day while the other is having a baking night, but either way, they're both trying to entice you with their fabulous cooking skills! (and their weird hands! i guess they're not quite finished yet but it's late and i've spent hours working on them so... tough!)

ok so they're not hoovering or scrubbing like I did but they're still being good little housewives by baking up a tasty treat or two.

I've also spent this afternoon/evening sketching out a verrry special 'Girl' illustration for my friend Jeni who is going off to Uni soon. She sent me a message on Facebook this morning asking me to draw her and although there's still a few weeks before she leaves I came up with a great idea for a picture and couldn't help but get started on it right away. It's nearly done but there's still a little more I need to add to it, I hope she likes it anyway. I'll probably post it on here tomorrow so stay tuned, if you like my blog and the style of my girly illustrations then you'll LOVE what i've drawn for her!

Which reminds me, I still have to draw a picture of Charlotte as well! She asked me to draw her a Doctor Who style pin-up of her and perhaps the Tardis or something else DW related, i've got a pretty clear image in my head of what I want it to look like but we'll see if I can make it a reality... or not!

Anyway, that's all for now folks,

tonight i'm going to be very sensible (and boring) by making a list of things I need to take to Montenegro with me next week.

Ah yes, i'm flying out to Dubrovnik on Wednesday and then on into Montenegro for a wedding.

It's been one hell of a busy summer for me travel wise!

England, France, Belgium, Andorra, Ireland and now Croatia and Montenegro...

crazy times!

Right, byeeeee for now dudes and dudettes

☆♥◕‿◕♥☆ xX

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