Wednesday 7 October 2015

Spooky Babe ♥

hello chums! I'm back again and it's only been just over a week... see I TOLD you I was going to try harder!

anyway I want to share some Halloween goodies with you all. If you're a regular reader then you probably know how much I LOVE Halloween, it's one of my favourite times of year because how can you not love a holiday that celebrates all things creepy and spooky!

every year I usually draw a Candy Doll illustration for Halloween, last year it was THIS and also THIS.

but this year I ended up creating a pattern instead.

Spooky Babe pattern
 As you can see it's perfect for a pastel witch, or the modern girl-gang/coven with lots of cute but creepy symbols so that every day can be Halloween!
so why a pattern you might wonder?! Well It's been a while since I last designed one and I kind of love making patterns, there's something really satisfying about the moment you first test out how seamless it is and then turn it into REALLY COOL stuff!

products from Society6 and RedBubble
 I have a few print-on-demand stores but by far my two favourites are Society6 and RedBubble. They offer a brilliant range of products and unlike a lot of other POD sites, their prices are fairly reasonable considering you're getting something that has been printed and made JUST FOR YOU! Excitingly at the moment, Society6 are also offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING until midnight on October 11th, so go treat yo self HERE

products from Society6 and RedBubble
 recently both sites have added even more products and now there's a whole bunch of lovely stuff that you can buy with my illustrations on! In case you're wondering about the quality of the products, I've bought a few of them myself over the years (because i'm a big saddo who loves to see her own work on stuff!). I can personally vouch for the printed tees, the iphone cases, vinyl stickers, cushions, tote bags and prints. And lately i've been hankering after a printed scarf or notebook.

all over print tees - Society6
 but the Halloween fun doesn't end there, oh no... there's also heaps of spoopy (no that's not a typo, click here to learn why) goodies available in my Etsy Shop
 this year we have lots of sparkly Halloween glitter brooches featuring teen tiny ghosties and other spooky critters! There are lots of designs to choose from + some one-of-a-kind brooches in the shop.

OOAK brooches - once they're gone, they're gone!
as if that weren't brilliant enough, as an added sweetener, i'm also throwing in free trick or treat sweeties with every brooch or necklace order this month! Why yes, those ARE Ghostbusters sweeties!!! 

Spooky brooches + sweeties = Happy Halloween
I've already posted a few Halloween brooches off the the UK, USA and Finland, so if you want yours in time for the spookiest of days, then get to the shop and pick out a treat! And if the Halloween brooches aren't your thing, then maybe you'd prefer a candy cute Troll doll pin or necklace instead!

yes I did inadvertently create a troll summoning circle while trying to take a photo of them all! Each tiny gem is hand applied by me to add to the general air of magic and kitschy cuteness that these mini trolls give off!

and now I can't think of anything else to say so i'm going to sign off before I start rambling again.

before I go, do YOU like Halloween or not? Is it called something different where you live like it is here (Hop-Tu-Naa for us Manxies) or do you not celebrate it at all? let me know in the comments below. I always reply because I spend my entire life online.

and on that note, bye for now! Thanks for reading.

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