Friday 27 January 2012

Bicycles and a (mini) Giveaway ★

hey folks, i've been at home all day (poorly) so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to work on my entry for the 'Ohh Deer' comp 'Stuck on Repeat'

i actually had this design in mind when i first drew my bicycles a week or two ago but today i finally got chance to finish it! i wanted to use the bicycles but make it sort of colourful as well

the comp closes in a few days but i couldn't wait until the 1st of Feb to submit it so i did it early. you can see it on the Ohh Deer site at the moment in the gallery along with looooooads of other entries. 

+ you can see it here and give it a 'Like' if you want to! - Jade's design

i can't wait to see all the entries submitted on the 1st but there are some really awesome designs in there already

* * *

so last Friday i was having a smashing day! i was all settled in at my College desk + having a generally nice sort of time editing stuff while chatting to my Classmates Jennie and Jenna (we all sit together to try and confuse the teachers since all our names begin with 'J')

unfortunately i got a call in the afternoon giving me some bad news and i had to leave college to rush to the hospital to see a family member, this is why i ended up NOT running a blog post that night or any of the subsequent nights following.

so basically, last week my desk-mate Jennie turned 21 so i brought her Birthday present in on the Friday

i got her a sparkly pen + notebook + a pack of Plasticine because let's face it, you're NEVER too old to play with Plasticine! check out the adorable pink elephant Jennie made...

 * * *

so in other news, over the past week or so my follower count on Twitter has been yo-yoing back and forth near to the 1000 mark and as a sort of thank you/incentive to my followers i've decided to do a little impromptu giveaway EXCLUSIVE to Twitter

here's what's up for grabs...

basically we have here a truly darling little hot air balloon charm + a cute necklace with a tiny gift charm + a sweet gingham bow & a gorgeous interwoven bracelet peppered with little charms (my favourite is the koi carp one!) all from 'Accessorize'

ALL of these goodies could be yours and ALL you have to do is 'follow' me on Twitter!

so if you're on Twitter already or you think it's about time you joined, head on over and give me a follow NOW - @jadeboylan

as soon as i reach 1000 followers i'll be drawing a lucky winner out of about 200 or so followers so you know... get following!

* * *

i think that's it for now, i've a few pieces to work on this weekend for college, commissions + various other things so i'm sure i'll be posting caps of some of them next week!

so until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★  xX

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