Tuesday 19 July 2011

Rescue Times ★

so i've had a busy few days since the weekend, anyway today my wonderful big sister Nicola came to rescue me and we had a smashing afternoon wandering around Ramsey

Nic lives in the South of the island so she doesn't really come up to the North unless it's to visit us so she'd never even been to most of the gorgeous Ramsey shops!!!

i took her to Sweet Ginger (of course) and the Tide, the Snug, Shakti Man, Miss Gawne's, St Paul's Bookshop and Pure Inspiration.

we had a super duper time and i even managed to pick up this darling little cupcake patterned cake stand!!!

isn't it sweet! 

now all i have to do is bake up a batch of yummy little cupcakes to display on it!!!

i failed to mention it before but on Saturday my lovely (fairy) godmother Kath came and rescued me from chateau boylan and took me out to lunch and shopping in town 

what a life saver!

we had a great afternoon pottering around town handbag and shoe shopping and i even ended up treating myself to two pretty new outfits in the Summer Sales

this gorgeous Yellow summer dress

and this floral and sort of nautical themed skirt

i also forgot to show you all this brilliant set of Scrabble magnets i got from Tynwald the other day!!!

i've had great fun spelling out stuff on the fridge... as you can see!

so what else?!

well to my utter delight my new book arrived today!!!

i ordered this ages ago but living in the middle of Narnia (well i practically do!) things take ever so long to arrive in the post!

anyway it's a great book, chock FULL of gorgeous illustrations of architecture

it's a book i've wanted for ages and was a sort of end of term treat i guess!

so far... i LOVE it! as i knew i would

but unfortunately a bad migraine has struck and not only am i seeing double typing this, i can barely concentrate on the pages so i'm going to go and have a nap i think!!!

i feel really ill and haven't a clue what's wrong with me!!! here's hoping i get well soon!

hope you're all having a lovely week so far, 

until next time, that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX

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  1. Saw your work in Sweet Ginger today, I was really impressed it looks so professional Jade well done. Also- Love, love love your new dresses- especially the striped one. Hope your migraine goes away soon. Jane. xx