Saturday 23 July 2011

♥ Jade's blog needs YOU! ♥

yes well... it turns out i've somehow reached 96 followers (you are all insane and i thank you for that) and you know what that means...

when i reach 100 there will be another GIVEAWAY!!!!!

aha NOW i've got your attention!

the last 2 giveaways have been sooooooo successful (and fun!) so i'm determined that this one will be just as awesome (if not even more so) 

so far we've had winners from the USA and Canada, proof of my willingness to ship the prizes anywhere! 

so who knows... maybe this time it could be YOU winning a big bundle of cute goodies!

anyway none of this matters because i'm NOT at 100 followers... yet!

this is where you come in my humble minions... sorry, i mean 'followers'! 

if you think you know someone that might like my blog (think.. hard!) then recommend it to them, 

suggest they 'follow' it and then we can get going with the new Summer Giveaway Extravaganza!!!

i only need 4 people... just 1-2-3-4 come on! that's not too tough is it!

and in a last ditch attempt to entice you to help me get these 4 followers, i'm giving you a sneak peek at some of the goodies up for grabs!

now if you've entered past giveaways you'll know that i buy a HEAP of awesome stuff to giveaway, i buy stuff for many weeks/days before i ship it all off so this is just the start of this bundle...

so, since i have a lot of followers from many different parts of the world, the first set of goodies have a British Summertime theme

ooooh don't they look pretty!

it's a groovy little set of jewellery bits and bobs from a shop here on the island

there's a little ceramic Union Jack teapot (and check out that cute polka dot bow!)

a (sort of) matching pair of dangly polka dot bow earrings

a sweet itty bitty ice cream necklace with cute charms

and my personal favourite.. in keeping with traditional British Summers... a teeny tiny little wellington boot! (+ a cute tartan bow and pearl charm)

aren't they divine!

it's further proof of my devotion to you all that i'm giving these beauties away and not keeping them for myself!!!

so... now you know what's up for grabs so far, and believe me... there will be a lot more stuff going into this bundle, as if these gorgeous bits and bobs aren't awesome enough!

ok, go forth my darlings and get me those 4 followers! then i can start the giveaway and YOU (yes... you) could be winning these pretty little treats!!!

you know what to do...

that's all folks ◕‿◕ ★ xX

ps - just heard the sad news that the singer Amy Winehouse has died! sad news, she was an incredible singer! what a voice :(

such a shame! she was so talented! here's my fave Amy Winehouse song, 'you know i'm no good'

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  1. Just stubled across your blogpage, and added as the nr. 100 follower! Cool blog. :)

    Greetings (and bad english) from Denmark. :)