Friday 17 June 2011

Creative Café #4 ★

hi folks, i've been so sooooo busy this week that's why there've been no blog posts

so what have i been up to i hear you cry?! well i'm still working on my website re-design, i've been working on a new logo commission AND i've been working on 4 little paintings 

lots to do!

anyway it's time for another Creative Café post, so you know the drill. . . go get the tea or the coffee or whatever it is you're thirsty for, maybe throw in a couple of biscuits or a slice of cake and settle down for some lovely candy coloured arty/crafty loveliness

today's 'Creative' is the fabulous Jamie Ferraioli aka Magic Bean Buyer originally from Jackson, New Jersey living in Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
she's an artist, ceramicist, illustrator, sculptor, jewellery maker and all round craft related genius who creates the most adorable stuff!!!
i first discovered her stuff via tumblr and knew that i HAD to do a post about her here, so without any further ado, lets get on with it!

she makes these darling little ceramic figures and characters called "Plini's"

so what's a Plini???
"An imaginary word, used to describe the magical world of these strange dolls that balance strange things on their colorful heads. Pronounced like "teeny" Plini or "mini" Plini. You decide!"

super adorable right! well she also makes tiny diddy ones to go on necklaces! i've got my eye on one or two of them so i might have to get myself one soon as a little treat. . .

and teeny tiny little birdy earrings. . .

she also makes cute little bird ornaments as well. . .

so so cute!!! as if that wasn't enough, she also makes little "kitteh's"

going back to the sweet little "Plini's" for a second, Jamie also makes lovely little bespoke cake topper sets for weddings (check out the totoro couple... how amazingly cute are they!!!)

and as if all this lovely cuteness wasn't awesome enough, Jamie is also an incredibly talented illustrator and artist as well! check out her truly gorgeous Girly illustrations . . .

absolutely sublime!!! i just love the way she draws the girls, their hair and faces are so beautiful! the colours are perfect as well, in fact everything she does is just gorgeous!

you can see why i like her work can't you. . .

ok, to treat yourself to a little handmade Plini, Kitteh, Birdy or perhaps a necklace, a pair of earrings or a lovely art print, head on over to Jamie's fab etsy shop - Magicbeanbuyer

you can also 'Like' her stuff on Facebook - Magic Bean Buyer

or maybe follow her on Twitter - @magicbeanbuyer 

here's her Flickr photostream - magicbeanbuyer

her lovely blogspot blog - greenlovesyou

and last but not least, her awesome tumblr blog - magicbeanbuyer

anyway, big BIG massive thanks to the lovely Jamie for letting me feature her gorgeous work here, i just love it!

all images in this post belong to Jamie Ferraioli © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace ANY of her work without her written consent. All Rights Reserved

* * * 

so that's it for today i think, time for a bit more painting now, even if i am useless at it! 

until next time, that's all folks . . . ★ ◕‿◕ xX

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  1. I think all of her work is great. I'm wearing (MY FAVORITE) necklace that she made for me. She's very talented!