Monday 13 June 2011

Creative Café #3 ★

hey folks, time for another Creative Café post, today it's all about a truly awesome photographer so go get your cup of tea/coffee/whatever ready and settle down for some fabulous photos

her name is Elly Lucas. . . and she is awesome!!!

Elly is one of the people recommended to me in the email i told you about the other week, i own an abysmal digital camera but i am a huge fan of fashion and portrait photography and her work is particularly lovely so i knew i just HAD to feature her!

she captures scenes with this delicate, pretty vibe to absolutely everything,

everything from the models she shoots, the make-up she does herself to the wonderful locations is all so earthy and natural letting the individuality of the photographs subjects shine through perfectly

"Elly Lucas is a busy young freelance photographer from Derby, England. When she's not taking photos, she's playing music"

oh and she's only 20!!! so soooo talented and so young! super duper stuff

as per usual i will begin to ramble on and on so i'll let you look through some of her amazing photograhy by yourselves (get the tea/coffee/cake ready) and enjoy . . .

pretty amazing right! i knooooow! it's all so pretty and the colours are just divine and the models all look so natural and gorgeous yet each one is still so unique and individual! 

aaah i just adore her work

but she doesn't just shoot amazing fashion shots and portraits, she also snaps awesome musicians and bands

as well as the most adorable and sweetest little family portrait scenes

AND as if all that wasn't enough, her wedding photography is to die for! the way she's captured these couples special days is just so sublime! + i love the delicate little shots of the reception decorations and the flowers, just beautiful!

kind of makes me wish i was getting married soon just so i could get her to take the photos!!! 

i love love LOVE her work and am very grateful to Heather for introducing me to it + to Elly for letting me feature her

anyway, for more of her gorgeous GORRRRRGEOUS work check out the links bellow. . .

you can pop on over to her website and check out the rest of her galleries - Elly Lucas

here you can 'Like' her Facebook Fan Page - Elly Lucas

or follow her on Twitter - @ellylucas

follow her on tumblr (fyi i've been reblogging the hell out of her photos all evening!!!) - ellylucas

check out her deviantART profile - ellylucas.deviantart

or her flickr account - ellylucas

big BIG thanks to the lovely Elly for letting me feature her photography here, 

all images in this post belong to Elly Lucas © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace any of the images without her written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

so what else! well today i popped into college for the afternoon to hand in my essay + clear my desk before we start clearing the whole block in time for the exhibition next week! scary times!!!

also. . . what's going on with my website?! 

well as you can see it's currently down for a bit of remodeling, stay tuned for updates on how it's doing! 

oooh exciting stuff!

apart from that, not much else to report!

tomorrow i plan to stay in and crack on with some new paintings (yes. . . you did read that right, i'm actually going to paint for once!!!)

so pictures will no doubt follow

until then, that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ ★ xX

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