Friday 22 April 2011

Train Times

so once again i find myself apologizing for the lack of posts, i genuinely meant to write a post yesterday night but i ended up playing on the Wii so i forgot... i'm sorry!

i had a gorgeous day today though, met my mum and my godmother for lunch + ended up hanging out with my cousin Mandy, my big sister Nikki + her boyfriend Boris as well, in my fave cafe 'the alpine' (of course!!!)

i also bumped into some old friends from college which was nice since it's been aaaages since i last saw them!

anyway that all doesn't matter nor does the fact that i've been absent for a few days because i'm posting NOW which is the main thing

so on Wednesday i got up bright and early, caught a lift into Douglas with my dear mama then walked through town towards the train station because i went on the steam train to Port Erin!!!!

i'll start from the beginning . . .

it was a truly gorgeous day, the sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and for once it wasn't even windy or blustery which is practically unheard of for the Isle of Man!

i'd arranged to meet my friend Jenny for the day since she's home from University at the moment but she had a hair appointment in Port Erin so i thought, 'why not get catch the train down to meet her'

yeah like i need an excuse to go on the train!!!

it was such a nice day though, on my way to the station i walked right along the Harbour and took a few snaps of the pretty boats and the gorgeous blue sky/sea

since the weather was so lovely the train was quite busy so i shared a carriage with an old local man who was on his way home to Port Erin + a lady from England, visiting the island with her little grand-daughter on their way to Port Erin beach for a picnic

the little girls name was Hannah and she pretty much became my best friend for the entire train ride! she was so sweet, she liked to say the phrase 'super duper' a lot (you can see why we got on!) and her favourite colour is pink! she really was a total little sweetie, here she is posing in her snazzy pink sunglasses (note the entirely pink outfit also)

we had great fun counting the sheep, cows, horses, ducks, pheasants and donkey's we saw in the fields as the train carried us southwards towards Castletown and eventually on to Port Erin

i really love this time of year, everything is so green and lush, it was great seeing so much of the beautiful Manx country side

when we pulled into Port Soderick we stopped next to the other train running that day, on its way back towards Douglas

so naturally . . . i took a few more pictures from my carriage window

it was a gorgeous engine, gleaming and utterly super duper + i've always love the IOM railway company logo/emblem

after that we carried on to Port Erin where i said my goodbyes to my fellow passengers + the lovely little Miss Hannah (who gave me a big hug, bless) before heading off to say hi to my other friend Sarah who runs a hair salon called 'cuts both ways'

it's been months since i last saw her so it was nice to hang out for a bit, before we left for her lunch break i snapped a shot of her gorgeous salon, it's full of antique furniture, pretty wallpaper, little chandeliers and baroque style mirrors! love it . . .

Jenny was still getting her hair done in another salon so i tagged along with Sarah to the beach where she was meeting another friend + her three lovely little kids

the sea was just so blue! it was beautiful, i've always liked Port Erin as a town but i really loved visiting it on Wednesday, it was so sublime 

we sat on the beach for a while and i could not get over how busy it was! the place was packed . . . well, it was 'packed' for a Manx beach anyway!

Jenny turned up eventually so we chilled on the beach some more only with the added bonus of delicious Italian ice creams, the weather was perfect and i could have happily spent all day relaxing on that beach (and i'm so not a beach person!)

anyway, we actually spent the rest of the day mooching around cute shops in Castletown + Tynwald but unfortunately my piece of **** camera decided to give up on life while on the beach and it is now completely and utterly 100% broken!

i did NOT drop it in the sea or in fact drop it anywhere at all but despite this and despite 2 years of careful treatment it has decided to give up on me at last!

the good news is this means i get to buy a flashy new camera

the bad news is . . . i can't really afford to get one!

so this means that for the immediate future i'll have to take all my photos using my rubbish phone so apologies for the 'even crappier than usual' quality of the photos in posts to come!

* * *

in other news . . .

Easter times ahoy!

this afternoon my mum called me into the kitchen where i found this delightful little display waiting for me on the kitchen table

these are my yummy Easter treats, an egg from my cousin Mandy, an pretty 'princess' egg, a bag of my fave chocolates + the gorgeous 'Bernie' Bear from my mum

love them all! i haven't eaten any chocolate since January so i look forward to scoffing these goodies on Sunday

* * *

i also had a 'business meeting' today, now i can't really go into details about it (yet) but i can tell you that it's super duper exciting news for me + my arty stuff

the only problem is it's going to create soooooo much work for me i think i'm going to need an assistant!
hhhmm . . . too bad i can't afford to hire one! anyone fancy being my assistant for free?!

anyway it's fun times ahead so stay tuned dudes and dudettes!

ok i'm off to cook some food now, goodbye my lovelies, hope you enjoy your weekend wherever + whatever you're up to

that's all folks . . .

◕‿◕ ★ xX

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