Sunday 6 March 2011

Shops & Stuff ♥

so... couple of days without posts! What's going on?!

Well I couldn't post on Thursday because I was very verrrrrrry busy working on a logo design commission for an American customer

and i didn't post on Friday because i literally spent the entire day setting up my etsy shop!

and i didn't post yesterday because i was out in town all day!

Busy busy busy!

So yes anyway the etsy shop is finally open!

To be fair it only has 5 (now 4items listed for sale but still...

it's nice to finally be an etsy person!

In fact set the shop up Friday morning and I got my first sale in the afternoon!

Someone bought the little 'eat me' cupcake embroidery

now the item is currently still listed, so it can still be bought on a 100% 'made to order' basis seeing as sadly I don't just have multiple copies of these things laying about the place!

this also means it's price has gone up a little bit

on another note, the little plush lollipops are also up for sale

as are the little mini dolls

hopefully in a week or two i'll have postcards and stickers to add to the shop but until then I guess it's a work in progress!

here's a link to the shop - Etsy

* * *

on with the main point of the post!

so yesterday i went into town with my mum in search of various post and packaging related bits (for the etsy shop) and we ended up spending the day with my cousin Mandy and my little cousin Sienna

Sienna had just been to a fancy dress party so was dressed up in a gorgeous 'enchanted' Giselle dress

and look at those pink accessories! so young and already a fashionista!

we walked up to the other end of Strand Street (main shopping street in Douglas) because my cousin Sharon was preparing a troupe of her little Irish dancers to perform in the street

my god-daughter Bonnie was among the dancers, here she is (on the left) with her little friend Emma

their irish dancing dresses are too adorable right!

the girls put on a stunning performance dancing slip jigs and reels in their soft shoes (ghillies) as well as some dances in their hard shoes

they drew quite a crowd since it was for a good cause (the girls were raising money for their annual trip to Dublin to compete in the Irish Dancing Championship (where they always win loads of medals!)

it was a cold day yesterday + it even started to drizzle a bit so they really were super duper stars dancing in the rain!

here's Sharon with the littlest Irish dancer, her youngest daughter (and Bonnie's little sister) Hanna 

despite the gloomy weather we all had a great time watching the dancers 

+ it was lovely for me and my mum to spend some time with Mandy, Sienna, Sharon, Bonnie and Hanna

even if we did all have to take it in turns holding little miss trouble!

i was of course supremely proud of Bonnie, she really is a little star! not that i'm biased or anything... but after all, she is my god-daughter! her dances with little Emma were so sweet! they were fantastic dancing duo

for more info about the 'Western School of Dance' and the 'Scoill Daunse Yernagh Ellan Vannin' please check out the website here - WSD IOM

and if you're interested in starting lessons or would like to sign up your son/daughter you can contact Sharon here -

the Western School of Dance also teaches ballet, tap, modern, jazz, acro, street, and musical theatre classes as well as Irish dancing

Sharon is also a verified Zumba and Zumbatomic teacher

the classes aren't only for children either, WSD holds Adult classes as well and they put on a fabulous big show at the Gaiety Theatre every year as well

* * *

and that's that!

back to college for me tomorrow, i'm hoping to get cracking with some new embroidery ideas

so until next time

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX

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