Wednesday 23 March 2011

Donuts and Drawings ★

so this morning i decided to stay in and have a nice relaxing day, maybe edit a few files, maybe start my new commission but unfortunately my email inbox had other ideas...

i had an URGENT file to work on for a local client so i spent the morning trying to sort that and to be honest this afternoon i've just lazed about listening to 40's and 50's music and eating ice cream!!!

it's been a truly gorgeous day here today though, very sunny and surprisingly mild out, yet i've still managed to spend the day cooped up inside like a recluse!!!

however i have also been busily researching a very awesome artist + art exhibition for my college research file

so today it was research about a super duper American Pop artist - Kenny Scharf

i've seen Kenny Scharf's work before and i really like his wacky and wonderful paintings and sculptures but recently a gallery has collected up some of his most  awesome (in my opinion) work and displayed it all together under the title 'three dozen'

scroll down and you'll understand why...

that's right, he also paints donuts!!!!!!! but not just any donuts... he paints the most incredible, delectable and downright intergalactically amazing donuts ever!
 he paints them using oil paints as well which makes them all the more spectacular i think

i would have given anything to have gone to the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York where the exhibition was being held, but sadly my chances of making it over to NY any time soon are pretty nonexistant! add to that the fact that the exhibition finished on February 26th and there really isn't much point me bothering!

check out Kenny's website here for more of his awesome artwork - Kenny Scharf

geez they're making me hungry! luckily i still have a donut left to eat...

* * *

in other news, i've been busy working on two little co-characters to go with this lovely little lady

so without any further ado... here they are

in case you haven't worked it out yet, each one is inspired by a different carnival style snack so the first one was the Cupcake Princess, then we have the Popcorn Prince and the Candy Floss/Cotton Candy princess

here are some close ups

the pattern on the new princess' dress has this sort of circus/carnival theme with ballons and candy floss and clowns

you can't see the Prince's shoes in the framed version but here they are

while the girls are kind of kawaii mixed with a little dash of versailles fashion, i drew the boys outfit based on the style of some of my friends, although the little jacket was inspired by the Stella McCartney kidswear range for Gap.

i'm not sure where they'll go next but i've already started to draw some other characters, an older sister for the Cupcake Princess + some cute pets for these three

stay tuned!

* * *

nothing else to report, i still feel kind of ill but i've got college tomorrow so i guess i have to press on with it all regardless

that's all folks...

◕‿◕  xX

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