Saturday 19 March 2011

Cupcake Charms ★

so today i stayed in for once and didn't brave the hustle and bustle of Douglas town centre

instead i slept in very late (so sooo lazy) and spent the day finishing the two little felt charms i started making yesterday afternoon

would you like to see them... of course you would!

i sewed out the basic parts for these yesterday at college but didn't have any bar beads or fibre fill stuffing to complete them!

as you can see i've gone blanket stitch crazy (now that i can finally do it, why stop!!!)

there is a pale pink one and a bright pink one, with little shiny colourful bar beads and pink ribbon (from the ribbon selection i bought yesterday at 'Just Enough'

the french knots on the strawberry cover the whole thing (+ the seam at the back) so these little cupcakes also have detail and beads on both sides
i still need to get chains for them (since i'm using stuff from my own jewellery collection at the moment) so when i do i guess they'll be going up for sale on the etsy shop as well

or maybe on a keyring or something... either way, they will be available to buy

* * *

in other news...


we have a big bunch of daffodils in our kitchen and the presence of daffodils means only one thing to me... Spring is finally here

i don't care what the calendars say or the lighter mornings, the green leaves and the constantly singing birds, as far as i'm concerned it's officially Spring when the daffodils appear!

* * *

short but sweet today i guess, if the weather stays nice i'm planning a little walk into Ballaglass Glen tomorrow afternoon so if that happens i'll take my camera along so you can all see how gorgeous it is in the glen!

enjoy your weekend whatever you're up to

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX 

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  1. Those are soo cute! :) I love cupcake designs.