Wednesday 23 February 2011

Crazy Coventry ♥

so i didn't post this yesterday because i wanted to do the Blog Birthday post

incidentally, if you missed yesterday's post, check it out because i'm holding a little giveaway to celebrate the 2nd Birthday of my blog

you can get your hands on some cute kawaii goodies, check out the prizes + how to enter here - ♥ Blog Birthday Giveaway ♥

anyway, yesterday i got to hang out with some of my family in Coventry City Centre, namely my mum, my godmother, her daughter, her grandson and my two darling little nieces

here's a shot of the girls waiting by the fountain in the centre of town, Daisy on the left and Madison on the right

we had a fab time pottering about in the shops, one of our first stops was Paperchase (aka heaven) where the girls bought some pens + notebooks and i got some goodies for the giveaway

after that we spotted this awesome cupcake themed kitchenware display in Debenhams

just LOOK at that teapot!!! so cute!

myself + he girls collectively decided that i just HAD to have the darling little cupcake money box for my room...

after that we found some REAL cupcakes in this super sweet little bakery!

they had these gorgeous big cupcake birthday cakes + all other sorts of fabulous occasion cakes

and these adorable sparkly cupcakes!!!

they were super girly and super awesome, perfection in cupcake form...

the girls spotted this enormous shoe in the window of a shoe shop, cue window shopping poses...

so after a spot of lunch we decided to take a break outside, it was chilly but we didn't care!!!

here's my Godmother Marie, her daughter Tina and Tina's little son Dylan

this roundabout was set up in town, weirdly enough there's always been a roundabout set up here for as long as i can remember, in fact myself + my nephew Josh used to go on it when we were kids!

so naturally... little Dylan had to go on it!

what a little cutie!!!

after that we all parted ways for a bit and i was left with the girls, i decided to take them through town to see one of my fave shops, a little fairtrade + crystal store which they both loved, in fact we all left with new crystals

the shop also sells paintings by a talented local artist named John (unfortunately i don't know anything else about him but his work sure is cute)

we nipped over to the older part of town where i took the opportunity to snap a quick shot of Coventry's famous 'Lady Godiva'

then i treated the girls to a cookie from 'Ben's Cookies'

Ben's Cookies is my fave cookie cafe ever!!! there's a big Ben's Cookies cafe in Leamington which i always take the girls to and luckily they've got a small stall in Coventry as well

they're more like cakes than cookies! massive, piping hot and oozing melted chocolate... delicious!

then i thought a quick detour to Primark was in order, there was a cute girly window display full of these little tote bags, so sweet!

the girls didn't want to go to Primark but i insisted! i bought a lovely little blue dress and this gorgeous bracelet


and to my astonishment, the girls both bought identical bracelets!!!

bracelet triplets!!!

we spotted this Betty Boop themed window display as well! Boop-oop-a-doop

 one of our last stops was another of my fave sops in the city, 'Miss Rush' sells all manner of kawaii bits and bobs

the girls each managed to snap up a pair of gloves... just like mine

and for some inexplicable reason, they decided to by some vampire fangs as well

scary little kids...

after that it was time to go home, so of course we needed a family shot in the lift on the way back to the car park

superstar family!!!

* * *

and that's pretty much it!

today i stayed in again to work on a tattoo design commission but i woke up feeling SOOOO ill!

i have a killer sore throat, luckily i managed to get a doctor's appointment at my sister's doctor's surgery this afternoon so i have some tablets now! hurray!

tomorrow is the day i've been looking forward to, a day in Birmingham City Centre!!! YESSSSS

ok that's all for now

until next time,

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ xX


  1. I love seeing photos of your trips, you have such fun!

  2. thanks Karen, it was a great day, i'm hoping to bring my nieces over to the island this summer so that should be brilliant fun! xX

  3. Hi! I found you through Twitter, your blog is very cute and your twitter background makes my teeth hurt. But in a good way. x