Friday 31 December 2010

♥ New Year ♥

So it's nearly 2011 at last...

2010 has flown by, if you ask me, but i'm anxious to see what next year will bring

this is the last blog post of the year (for me) so i'll keep it short but sweet

so whether it's already 2011 for you, or you're still counting down the hours to the New Year, like me, 

i'd like to wish you a Happy New Year

may 2011 bring you everything you want...

* * *

on another note, I found out this morning that this blog has been featured on the front page of 'bloggers' today which is a nice New Year surprise

they feature a few blogs every day and post them on the front page of the site so i'm very chuffed that I was featured at all really

to visit my bloggers profile click here - J A D E

and to see my blog feature on the front page for today only, click here - bloggers

* * *

STILL not had many entries for the Giveaway! 

come on guys... please enter it!

if i don't get more entries soon i'll cancel the whole thing and retreat back to my cave of solitude and misery...

yeah, that's what will happen if people don't enter!

are the prizes really that sucky?!

if i add some better stuff will more people enter????

read THIS post right here to find out how YOU can enter the Giveaway and win a heap of prizes- 

* * *

that's it for today, 

hope you have fun celebrating the New Year

until next time,

that's all folks...

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