Sunday 26 September 2010

Cute and Girly ♥

Ok I know... i've been lazy! No new blog posts since Thursday! Oh noooes!

I don't even have a good excuse... or any excuse for that matter! Just pure old fashioned lazyness i'm afraid!


So to make it up to you... here's a sh*tload of pictures!!!

last night I was bored so I visited my tumblr account. Now i'm a real tumblr slacker, I always forget to post stuff so I thought i'd have a bit of a mooch about and find some bits to post.
However... I ended up on one of the most awesome and fabby dabby tumblr pages i've ever seen!

I get distracted quite easily so when I spotted a post in my news feed by the fabulous 'acrylicana' (of whom I am a massive fan) I followed the link to the tumblr account of 'Fuckyeahcuteandgirlyshit!' and to kick off the girlyness here are some gem encrusted pastel creamy macaroons... beats ‘Ladurée’ macaroons any day!

so I pretty much ended up spending a good hour and a half just trailing through the site drooling at the sheer awesomeness of the pictures in it... i mean look at these necklaces! cameos with diamantés!!! hell yes!

Like the title of the page suggests, 'Fuckyeahcuteandgirlyshit!' is full of all things girly, supercute and generally pretty amazing and down right fabulous... i mean look at this awesome old 'Polly Pocket' playset!!! 
i got far too excited over this picture mainly because when i was little i had this, i had this... I HAD THIS!!!!!

Now one of the things I like most about the 'Fuckyeahcuteandgirlyshit!' page, is the fact that it's also full of examples of gorgeous girly illustration, manga and animation. I love blogs and tumblr pages that teach me about fabulous artists that i'd never have heard about otherwise!

For example... whilst browsing the pages I spotted this beautiful piece...

seriously i recommend clicking it for a full view (since i can't full size the image in the post or else my blog will cut half of it away...) it's just gorgeous! so much detail and so god-damn girly!

anyway, the tumblr page didn't say who it was by but contained a link to someone's flickr page! so after a bit of sifting around on the flickr link i managed to find the artist. 
it's by a Japanese artist called Junko Mizuno

it turns out i have actually already heard of him, i've just never seen the above uber girly piece before. i know him for creating exquisitely detailed paintings that look like a mixture of modern graphic design and classic Japanese woodcuts.

i mainly know of his work from doing my picture book research for college last year. this is one of my favourite pieces by him that i still have a crappy little printed version of pinned up in my room. 

check out his site anyway (Junko Mizuno) his work really is totally super duper.

right my lovelies, on that happy and not to mention extremely colourful note i'm off now! 
it's lunch time + i need to watch the Singapore Grand Prix (yes... i AM a big F1 fan, go figure?!) so i shall bid you all adieu

enjoy the rest of your Sunday, whatever you're up to and wherever you are in the world

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX