Tuesday 30 March 2010

mega stressful times!

gosh i haven't posted since the 4th of March! that might be because i've been ridiculously busy trying to get stuff sorted for my LAST ever assessment at college (well... last one this year!)

i literally slept for about 3 hours all weekend!

anyway the assessment was yesterday and it went rather well i think! my tutor said (quote) 'it was a very GOOD assessment' and i got all Merits and Distinctions so... yeah, i guess you could say it went well!

so today i skipped college and basically slept for the entire day! haha it was ok, they're assessing all week at college so i didn't miss any classes or anything!

my current super duper obsession is anything 'Alice in Wonderland' related! i went to see the new movie last Wednesday (one word... AMAZING) i'm currently re-reading 'the looking glass wars' (cannot wait for the moive!) and i spent all this morning watching the utterly fabulous and awesome 'Alice' 2 part mini series from the American TV channel 'SyFy' (the geniuses behind the Wizard of Oz inspired mini series 'Tin Man') it was sooooooo good i may have to go and watch it again right now!

hahaha i can highly reccomend it for any AiW fan, it's a very cool modern take on the old story, with an ass-kicking (literally) Alice and a chivalrous (not to mention bloody adorabbubble and gorrrrgeous!) Hatter (played by British actor Andrew Lee Potts).

so anyway... i may just go and watch that right now! lots o' luv from an incredibly rainy Isle of Man! :-D xXx

ps - next week i am going to do a week of blogging. the plan is for me to post something new every single day! maybe a new illustration or just a weird insight to my oh so entertaining (hah!) world! stay tuned loyal followers :-) x

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