Friday 11 December 2015

Pins and Patches ♥

 hello darlings, if you follow me on ANY of my social media accounts, then you'll probably have already seen my latest products. I've been posting them ALL the time because I'm just SO excited about them!

 first up I'm super thrilled to announce my first ever pin release. I know I designed the Troll pin for Pin Club last month, but this is MY first pin release by myself, so here it is...

Yes OF COURSE it's a Girl Gang themed pin! How could it not be?! The 100% Fresh Boy Tears design is one that I never get tired of, and other people seem to like it too! so I knew it would be perfect for my first proper pin design.

The pins arrived while I was away in Coventry earlier this week, so I've only had them since Tuesday morning. I am so pleased with how they turned out though. I was extremely nervous about getting them, even though I'd signed off on the proof before manufacture, you never know if they'll turn out exactly as you want them to or not. But these are even better than I'd hoped for!

This is how they measure up next to the Rainbow Troll Pins (obviously I wear them both together) and I think they complement each other rather well. I was in 'Lush' in Coventry on Tuesday afternoon and one of the staff said that he liked my pins, so I was VERY chuffed to tell him I'd designed them both myself. 

 The detail in the 'Boy Tears' pins is fantastic, the stripes in the straw and the text came out perfectly and I love the shade of blue for the carton. It's lighter than I thought it would be but it's almost a 'Tiffany' blue, it's so pretty. They're just really brilliant okay! I know I shouldn't rave about them too much but they're super lovely quality and the design looks great pinned to a jacket or bag.

the pins are made of soft enamel on black metal, they measure 30mm and come with a metal butterfly clutch fastening on the back. 

Each pin comes on a Candy Doll Club backing card sealed in a little cello bag and each card is numbered on the back + every pin comes with free stickers and candy. You can't ask for much more than that can you?!

This pin design is limited to only 100 pieces (and they're selling fast!) so if you think you'd rather like to own one, they're available to order HERE and HERE

and now onto the OTHER new product I've just released!

remember last month when I launched my brand new Girl Gang patches (see HERE) well I'm happy to announce that I launched another new set of patches last week on Tuesday evening, right before I left for my trip to Coventry.

This time the patches feature my 100% Fresh Boy Tears x Fries Before Guys design because every girl knows that food is waaaay more important that boys! I already have circle stickers with this design but I've wanted to get patches of it made for ages, so I changed up the design a bit and here we are, Girl Gang Patches 2.0.

The colours on these ones turned out a little differently than how I'd expected, or how the first set of patches looked, but I suppose that's my own fault for not double checking the colour proof properly. + you can't really see it in the photos but there are pale pink polka dots all over the 'white space' of the patch.

 the blue on the merrowed edge is super vibrant and bright so I can't really complain about the rest of the colours. They also match quite well with my first set of 'Girl Fighter' patches (which was the idea, obviously). AND they match the new Boy Tears pins as well! You know you want the whole set...

I left for my trip early on the morning of the 2nd, and the patches only arrived the afternoon before. I decided to bring some away with me so that if anyone wanted to order any, I could still post them during my holiday. However... I underestimated how popular they might be so I only brought 20 away with me and unfortunately I had sold out by the 5th!!!

It's due in part to the fact that on Wednesday afternoon, Depop selected the patches for it's 'Explore' feature, where chosen items from all over the world get featured on a page where every Depop user can see them! I left the house for Heysham at 7am on the 2nd, and by the time we reached Coventry around 5:30pm, I'd sold 12 patches. Which was certainly a nice surprise, but I immediately realised that I should have brought more away with me.

If you'd like to treat yourself or someone else to a pair of Girl Gang patches, I have a special offer on over HERE

or you can buy singles right HERE or HERE 

Those of you that keep up with me on social media might be aware that I had a rather more eventful sailing over from the Isle of Man to Heysham than usual! if you're interested in what happened, you can read the full story HERE. and if the link doesn't work for you, then I guess you just won't ever know the tale...

and on that note I think I'll say goodbye!

sorry for all the product pushing but I'm always so excited to share my new products with you all!

bye for now

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  1. Love this post and love your pin I may have to treat myself to a couple of bits from your shop :) xoxo