Monday 10 September 2012

Random Stuff + Giveaway Entries

hello chums, just a little post featuring a few random bits and bobs from the past few weeks!

i started back at College today, this year is my final year at college, hopefully by June next year i'll have passed my BA degree in Fine Art!

anyway, most recently of all, i've been working on a 100% frivolous and fun project, an Adventure Time/Ghostbusters Fan Art piece. i'm a huge HUGE fan of the brilliant CN animation Adventure Time and of course, i adore all things Ghostbusters, so it seemed like a good idea to combine the two!

this was the fandom colliding result...

if you don't really understand who's who or what's going on, i strongly recommend you rush forthwith without delay and watch some Adventure Time and Ghostbusters!

anyway, this design is currently up for votes on OtherTees + it's also available on prints, tees, cards and iPhone cases etc via my Society6 Shop

so what else? well, while i was away in Cork, i accidentally got chatting to one of my current literary idols on Twitter. over the summer, i've devoured some amazing books by Ben Aaronovitch and after a random tweet to him, he asked if i'd be willing to have a go at a fanart or two of some of his characters, for his website!

after i'd calmed down and stopped squealing like a fangirl, i managed to have a go at a 'Molly' fanart

scary stuff! this won't make much sense either so here's a brief description of 'Molly' from Ben's brilliant book 'Rivers Of London' (available to buy here)

"I looked over and saw a woman gliding towards us across the polished marble. She was slender and dressed like an Edwardian maid, complete with a starched white bib apron over a full black skirt and white cotton blouse. Her face didn’t fit her outfit, being too long and sharp-boned with black, almond-shaped eyes. Despite her mob cap she wore her hair loose, a black curtain that fell to her waist. She instantly gave me the creeps, and not just because I’ve seen too many Japanese horror films.
‘This is Molly,’ said Nightingale. ‘She does for us.’
‘Does what?’
‘Whatever needs doing,’ said Nightingale.
Molly lowered her eyes and did an awkward little dip that might have been a curtsey or a bow. When Toby growled again Molly snarled back, showing disturbingly sharp teeth."

makes more sense now i hope! even if i did use a bit of artistic licence and make a few adjustments!

moving on, while i was away in Limerick, i also did a little illo for Amelia's Magazine blog based on the very gorgeous 'Kiss Me' dress by Coco Fennell

you can read the full blog post + see the other lovely illustrations HERE

so what else?! well, while i was in Dublin i managed to get my hands on this gorrrrgeous Totoro plush! i'm a massive Studio Ghibli fan and My Neighbour Totoro is one of my fave animated movies so i couldn't resist this little guy!

and continuing with the fangirl geekery, check out the awesome stickers that arrived for me from Florida the other day! Mini Avengers!!! illustrated by the very brilliant Dean Grayson

and since i am such a huge geeky fangirl and i have such a fondness for avengers stuff, in particular for a certain villain named Loki, check out what else arrived today!!!

a super amazing 'Loki Charms' tee by tee designer extraordinaire Bamboota

and a fabulously wonderful diddy Lego Loki!!!

yaaay for all the Loki times!

ok i'll stop now...

oh but before i go, i want to remind you all about The Goodbye Summer Giveaway currently going on!

you've only got 4 more days left to enter to try and be in with a chance of winning the bundle of cute prizes from Ireland (see full post HERE HERE HERE

it's really super easy to enter, all you need to do is supply your email (so i can contact you if you win, otherwise i won't bother you, promise!) and fill in some options on the Giveaway Form below. it's THAT easy!

and until next time, that's all folks... xX


  1. Oh wow i just love your blog!

    I am your new stalker.......i mean follower!

    Txx :)

  2. Oh I Love These Painted Games :) Thanks