Friday 4 May 2012

May Drawing Challenge - Day 4

today the theme was 'a bird'.

i had a good think about this because when it comes to birds i really like Owls but i figured that lots of people might have a go at doodling an owl so instead i decided to try and paint a little picture of a Cockatiel...

it's not as random a choice as you might think since my mum actually has 2 pet cockatiels called George and Sid! here's a snap of them (i know you can't really see them properly but they moved around too much for me to get a good shot)

+ a slightly clearer one of just George

so i guess that today's doodle is dedicated to my luuurvely mama! hope you like it mum x

and until tomorrow, that's all folks... xX

ps - i went to see the new Avengers movie last night. it. was. AMAZING! if you haven't seen it yet i recommend that you run to the cinema and see it asap :)

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