Monday 28 May 2012

May Drawing Challenge - Day 28

the theme for today was 'a door' so since there isn't really a front door at my house, i doodled this one instead...

it's still a door to my house just a sort of weird side one! here's a snap of it. and no, i couldn't be bothered to paint in all that stone!!!

as you can see, my doodle is barely accurate! :)

and until tomorrow, that's all folks.. xX


  1. It's cute, some shadows might be nice to add contrast and make the pots pop. Keep it up love your style.

    1. thanks for the comment Benjamin. i'm not really trying to achieve any real level of accuracy with these 'daily doodles', it's been a long month i guess i'm just trying to get through the last few as simply as i can :)