Wednesday 2 May 2012

May Drawing Challenge - Day 2

well it's day 2 so here's my 'Tree' doodle for today...

obviously i'm pining for more tropical climes!

at college today my friend & desk buddy Jennie (who is also an illustrator) wanted to have a go as well so we took some time to out of our busy college day to work on the doodles...

so here's Jennie's really lovely tree drawing

 + a little bunting one to make up for missing yesterday's theme

+ here's Quinn's beautiful tree doodle for today

+ here's my friend Danni's gorgeous drawing for the day, especially loving that cute owl (for more of Danni's work check out her website doodlesbydanni)

 + here's a great 'Tree' doodle by my pal Grant (he's a Graphic Designer, check out his tumblr here)

and another 'Bunting' one for yesterday's theme

Jennie, Danni and Grant are also in the Smoo Doo Croo design collective with me + a few others

i'm glad to see so many of my creative friends getting involved with this project and taking up the doodle challenge. i can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for the rest of the month! :)

so until tomorrow, that's all folks... xX

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