Monday 14 May 2012

May Drawing Challenge - Day 14

the theme for today was a bit of a tricky one i thought, 'a tree made up of words' conjured up all sorts of images in my head and i struggled to decide on what to draw. i've been working in my college logbook all day sticking in research while listening to music. earlier this afternoon a particular song came up on my macbook and so i ended up doodling this...

yep no colour. i wasn't really in the mood to doodle or drawn anything today let alone attempt a colourfully painted tree so it's definitely my simplest doodle so far but is still quite clearly a tree made of words, well lyrics to be precise.

some lyrics from 'Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree' by Irish folk singer James Vincent McMorrow. and just in case you're now sitting there wondering what the song sounds like, here's the video for it :)

anyway that's that and that's my doodle for today.

so until tomorrow, that's all folks... xX

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