Wednesday 7 December 2011

Christmas Cards ★

so it appears to have been over a week since i last did a blog post... i probably should have announced my mini hiatus but i forgot to so, sorry for that! i haven't posted for a couple of reasons...

1. i've not been very well over the past fortnight, i went to college for the first time yesterday in over a week so THAT is why i haven't posted anything

2. i've been finishing off some commissions, trying to get stuff done before Xmas

3. i've been working on new character designs for college

4. i forgot... ok well i didn't forget about the blog i just kept forgetting to get off my bum and write a blog post! but i'm here now so that's all that matters right?!

i'll stop rambling and try to get on with the post!

first up, you may have noticed the Festive new banner at the top of the blog

well, there's also a stack of Xmas Cards to match it! 

the cards are appropriately festive with their little poinsettia patterned plates full of Xmas biscuits

each one comes with a red envelope + has 'Merry Christmas' printed inside

now available in my Etsy Shop

+ if you fancy getting one to send to someone, now's the time since i'm still offering 15% off ALL orders in my shop when you use discount code FESTIVEFUN

but it's only valid until the 15th of December so don't leave it too late!!!

(international customers only really have until the 8th or 9th to get their orders in for delivery in time for Xmas)

* * *

as well as the Xmas cards, some more stuff arrived today including some funky new candy coloured business cards!

i may have mentioned before... several times, that i am a bit of a business cards addict! but then again they ALWAYS come in handy and i'm always running out of them so it's ok for me to get more, that's how i always justify it to myself anyway!

* * *

so i've been working on some new commissions stuff lately as well as stuff for college! 

i had a new Vintage Home Show flyer to whip up for Keeley 

then Jared over at Design Juices asked me to have a go at a festive e-card design for the blog, this was the result...

it was great fun to draw! i especially liked doing the xmas lights!!! i also designed a Facebook banner + Twitter icon/background to match!

oh and remember the Irish pin-up girl tattoo?!

well this is how she's looking so far as Emma's actual tattoo! (+ loving the tattoo artists tweaks to the shamrock + the tiny triskelion/3 legs of Mann on the pinup's  thigh! the perfect mash up of Manx and Irish)

i'll keep you posted on it's progress!

also, if you're local and stuck for something to do this weekend, head to Groudle Glen Railway on Sunday for the first day of their fab annual Santa Trains

(i wish i could go but i'll be in Birmingham instead!) 

oh and you can book your discounted tickets online now via the railway's official website - GGR

* * *

that's it for today

over the next few days i'm hoping to make it over to Coventry, Birmingham and Manchester to visit family, drop xmas presents off + do some shopping! 

however, the weather here is so dire at the moment all of the boats keep getting cancelled! fingers crossed i don't get completely trapped here...

i'll also be posting some of the new character designs i'm working on so keep an eye out for those!

until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX

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