Friday 11 November 2011

Moustaches and Matryoshkas ★

so i've had a fun day at college today, local artist/menace Juan Moore came in to teach us HNDers all about Book Binding and what not and by the end of the class we'd all successfully made our own little hardback postcard books!

genius stuff, even if mine did turn out so wobbly and messed up (damn PVA...) that i can't possibly show you a picture! it was a joyous afternoon regardless

also... i've been wearing my new Moustache necklace all day!

since it's Movember, and because i just hate to be left out of anything, i stitched this little beauty together yesterday afternoon at college and have pretty much had it on ever since! 

+ today i also wore my awesome Bow Tire necklace (from Plastic Bat) so it was double hit of coolness for sure!

i attached it to a small ball-link chain so that i can wear it ALL THE TIME! it's hand free you see... i'm not holding it up here, i was attempting (and failing...) to fix my hair! here's the finished necklace being modeled by my little teapot (a teapot that i actually made in my first year of college... yes really!)

because Movember is the perfect time to sport a fancy moustache and i don't see why boys should get to have all the moustache fun!

* * *


look at what arrived today in the post!!!

really awesome and groovy Matryoshka prints! yes indeedy. 

each print measures 6x8" and comes with a one inch border in white meaning the final size is 7x9". sadly, they DON'T come mounted and cello wrapped... 

only one is mounted/wrapped and that's because it's going to be an xmas gift for a family member of mine. if you ABSOLUTELY one want mounted/wrapped, email me and i'll see what i can do.

this is a limited run of just 10 gorgeous quality Giclée prints featuring my little Matryoshka design + each one is numbered, signed and stamped on the back, printed on premium grade 308gsm Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper . un-framed

and who knows... they might be worth something one day ;)

to get yours or to treat someone else to one (for xmas maybe...) head on over to my Etsy shop - Jade's Shop

all prints will be tissue wrapped and sent out in hardened cardboard envelopes to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. 

* * *

another lovely thing arrived in the post today as well, a super duper postcard + 3 lovely stickers from the very fabulous Harriet Gray

i'm a huge fan of Harriet's work so i was delighted when i found out i'd won a little mini lucky dip giveaway on her blog. 
her work is just divine! to see more of it, be sure to visit her website here - Harriet Gray

* * *

in other news, believe it or not but this year at college i actually have a logbook! (gasp... shock horror!) here it is in all it's fabulous stickery glory...

to be honest i'm still not all that great at the actual content but it sure is colourful this year!

and i am trying... honestly!

that's just a sneak peek for now anyway, there's just under 30 pages filled in so far... a long way to go now though!

* * *

and that's it i think! tomorrow i'm heading in to town to collect my little cousin Sienna for a day of Xmas shopping... + i need to gather some more items to go into the Xmas giveaway bundle for the grand Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza... coming soon!

so until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX

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