Sunday 23 October 2011

Stuff and more Stuff ★

before i kick off the post properly i should let you all know... the Mini Merch Giveaway ended last night/this morning at midnight

big BIG thanks to all of you that entered via comments here + on facebook, twitter and google plus

there were only 35 entries (a record low for one of my giveaways actually...) and using '' i got number 4 which was Rachel Clarke aka 'Sweetpea London' from the UK

she seemed pretty excited to have won (which is always nice) and she picked out a macaroons postcard, a sugar skull pocket mirror and a flower cupcake badge

so i'll be posting all of that off to her first thing tomorrow morning!

oh and if you get a spare minute, be sure to check out Rachels' blog, she posts some really cute stuff, i especially love her Chanel wellington boots! - Sweetpea London

thanks again to everyone that entered, i wish i could give you all a prize... but then i'd have no merch left!

don't feel too bad if you didn't win this time though... there are still plenty of badges/mirrors/postcards available to buy via my Etsy Shop

and of course, i'll be launching a fabby dabby mahoosive xmas giveaway around the end of November so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

* * *

oh AND yesterday morning when i checked the post i was super excited to see that some stuff had arrived for me!

first up, there was a cute little print + some sets of stickers from Acrylicana aka Mary (i did a BIG post about her amazing work here - Creative Cafe #14)

and there was also the very VERY awesome copy of Flamingo Magazine that i won from WLD/WLVS last week

i'd been looking forward to this arriving and it definitely hasn't disappointed me! it's an Illustration and Design mag chock full of amazing artwork and interviews from some really talented creatives!

here's some of my favourite pages from it...

 illustration by - Mary Ferfyri

 illustration - Alex Culang and Ray Castro

 illustration - Donya Todd

 illustration - Jo Cheung

 illustration - Emma Carpendale

illustration - Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy

to get your own copy of 'Flamingo Magazine', head on over here - Flamingo Magazine Shop

oh and massive thanks to WLD/WLVS for giving me a copy! :D

* * *

right, so i broke up for half-term on Friday, it was a verrrry busy day! i had to spend all morning finalising a 'professional practice' report to cover one of my units then in the afternoon i had a meeting with a client (which went really well!)

anyway, on Saturday i popped out for a bit and had a nice little mooch around town

i got some groovy stuff, including...

some pretty new fingerless gloves for A/W 2011

i am a fingerless gloves fiend! and i couldn't resist these...

i also treated myself to a lovely big book on Renaissance Art and Architecture!

well... you know what an art/architecture nerd i am! 

and i always find the art and architecture of the Renaissance particularly fascinating (i really am so very, very cool!)

anyway i also got... a very cute little picture book called 'Emily Button goes to a party' written by Elaine Field

it's all about a little rag doll called 'Emily Button' + her little friends 'mousey' the mouse and 'bobble' the cat

the illustrations are absolutely adorable! it was illustrated by Kathy Gemmell (with additional illustrations by Sami Sweeten and Katherine Hartley) and i will definitely be looking up more of her/their stuff after seeing this!

aren't they cute! there are even 'emily button' dolls + 'mousey' and 'bobble' plushies you can get to go with the story!
all just far too adorable!

oh and you just HAVE to visit the 'Emily Button' website! it is soooo lovely - Emily Button

* * *

and that's that i think! nothing else to report on today, i'm heading off to Coventry in a few days to see my family but i've got plenty of commission stuff to be getting on with before then!

so until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX


  1. I always enjoy your fresh posts. Thanks for making my day brighter!

  2. thanks for the lovely comment Fiona, glad you enjoyed the post :) x

  3. All the illustrations are pretty good, but I think that the last part was best, because you know, everybody has seen renaissance paintings and art!

  4. yeah everybody's seen Renaissance Art but most of them don't really seem to like it! personally i adore it, that's why i snapped 2 of my fave examples of Renaissance art, the ceiling of the Sisitine Chapel by Michelangelo and Primavera by Botticelli :)