Monday 17 October 2011

Marvellous Merchandise ★

so a verrrrrrry exciting parcel arrived in the post today! exciting because i've been waiting almost 3 weeks for it and the waiting was beginning to drive me insane (seriously... this morning i was THIS close to firebombing the post office, but they delivered so there's no need for any arson now!!!)

so basically... this exciting parcel was chock full of AWESOMENESS in the form of badges and mirrors featuring designs by ME ME ME

feat your eyes on their loveliness...

obviously i didn't just order 3 things though... this is an example of the stuff i got!

the box was FULL of bits and bobs! (cue me jumping about excitedly and clapping like a seal)

so just what is there i hear you cry!!! well ignoring the truly atrocious quality of the photos (thanks to my godawful camera...) we have... BADGES!!!!!

and we have... POCKET MIRRORS!!!

aaaaggghhhhhh isn't it exciting!!! i can't handle how exciting this all is!!!

oh and as you saw in the first picture,  there are diddy little cupcake badges as well

here you can see how everything measures up...


right so you know what this means don't you my lovelies... it means that all of these pretty little merch pieces are now available to buy in my etsy shop!!!

badges will be posted out in double envelopes and mirrors will be posted in mini jiffy bags to ensure that they don't arrive broken + of course, i'll post to anywhere in the whole wide world...

the diddy little cupcake badges come in little clear bags and are £0.75 each (badges measure: 25mm)

the bigger badges come on their lovely stripey backing card and are £1.25 each (badges measure: 38mm)

and the pretty little mirrors each come in a cute pouch to keep it safe and scratch free and are £4.00 (mirrors measure 58mm) 

super duper stuff! perfect as a little treat for yourself or someone else!

you can see all of the stuff right here in my etsy shop

* * *

and no... i haven't decorated my pencil case with badges (yet...) or stuck pocket mirrors all over my wall, these bits and bobs are for all of YOU not for me

and so, with that in mind i've decided to hold a little impromptu giveaway

to celebrate all of this lovely merch turning up on my doorstep i'm going to give away ONE mini badge + ONE big badge and ONE pocket mirror (designs = of the winners choice)

all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on THIS HERE post (+ if you follow me on twitter/facebook i'll probably be doing little retweet/like posts as well, so be sure to look out for those)

the giveaway will only run until midnight Saturday 22nd October (yup it's a short giveaway this time, just a mini one...) so you have 5 whole days to enter!

maximum of 2 entries per person, that means ONE comment + ONE retweet or like

i'm sick of counting up dozens of entries for things and it makes my brain melt so it's a whole lot simpler this time for me AND for you!!!

so don't forget, 5 days to enter and to be in with a chance of getting your hands on these little bits for free (yes... FREE) just scroll down and leave a comment

that's it! super simple

i'll announce the winner on Sunday evening

so go on then... leave a comment! :D

oh and i'll probably throw in a nice postcard for the winner as well...

* * *

phew! what a day, busy editing stuff then busy snapping pictures of all the lovely new badges and mirrors!

i'll probably post something tomorrow evening about my new princess pictures 

so until then... that's all folks ◕‿◕ ★ xX


  1. aww, your badges and mirrors are all looking lovely sweet, i especially like the mini cupcake badges - so cute! :] xxx

  2. love the designs :) Christmas pressies now sorted :)

  3. I can only imagine how happy you were to open the packaging.

  4. Just curious but where did you go about getting the merchandise made?

  5. Everything looks so good! Great designs I agree with Yvonne I could use some of them as inspiration!

  6. hey
    i luv your merch..the cupcake and macrons are so adorable..I shall be checking out your Etsy store soon. your such a good drawer wish i was as gd...cant wait to see more illustration from you its very colourful and cheery...

  7. Hello,
    badges & mirrors oh that's so cute everything's so cute & yummy that i'd love to try a chance to win,

    good luck to all

  8. ps: i'm already liking your fb page as Elixir petrichor & i retweeted about it :)


  9. OMGee. I just can't describe their cuteness. X3 Specially this one: >.<

  10. Epic Merchandise!

  11. They look lovely! I love the cute little pocket mirrors :)

  12. Would LOVE to enter :)
    I love all your crafty makes and illustrations, I follow you on twitter so I can be kept updated. I will do a retweet for you!

  13. Great merch .... and I particularly like your stripey backing card .. it really makes your badges pop!

  14. @stephenjohnhall22 October 2011 at 22:14

    Great stuff :-)
    I'm going to look out for you on Twitter