Friday 30 September 2011

Sweets and Zombies ★

so did you enjoy the lovely Creative Café features this week???

well today is just a short post so you don't think i've vanished again, i've been busy this week working on commissions AND a few new pieces for college that i (maybe...) intend to have a go at painting.

so i thought i'd share some of my new work with you all

(Copyright © Jade Boylan 2011. All Rights Reserved)

anyway, first up there's a super yummy Ice Cream Sundae!!!

totally delish!

i'm still working on another ice cream one but it's not quite finished yet! i still need to work out some chocolate chips/fruity bits! but oh well... here's a peek anyway!

there's also a pair of donuts but i don't really like these, not sure why... just not too fond of them for some reason!

oh AND since it's the end of September and everyone is getting excited for Halloween, i thought i'd let you see this years Halloween Pinup a little earlier than usual...

so this year it's all about Zombie Pinups! yaaaaay, zombie pinup girl = automatic creepy awesome times!

last year we had 2 (sort of...) the Midnight Burlesque girl and the Tattooed Lady (see below)

and of course the year before that there was the Zombie Ninja Panda Bear... so NOT a pinup but still delightfully creepy!

so who knows, i might have a go at another pinup or spooky themed creation during October, not sure yet!!!

oh and fyi, the Zombie Pinup is currently being featured in the annual ArtWanted Halloween Showcase aka the 'Haunted House'

now last time i checked they had the zombie pinup and my sugar skull on the front page (click thumbnails) but it might have vamoosed by now, not sure, you can check out all the groovy spooky work here anyway - Haunted House

* * *

and that's that!

i've been listening to Seth MacFarlane's album 'Music Is Better Than Words' on repeat all week since it's so super duper! for more info about Seth + to hear him sing, you can check out this old feature i did here - Super Sunday #3

there'll be no blog tomorrow night since i'm heading out to the Gaiety Theatre to watch my cousin's dance schools annual show + my little god-daughter Bonnie is performing in it!

should be nice, i always love a trip to the Theatre! any excuse!

so until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX

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