Tuesday 13 September 2011

Russian Fashion ★

si i've had rather a quiet day today, i've spent the day drawing and reading so it's been verrrrrrrry relaxing! 

anyway i have some groovy stuff to share with you all today, in a way, carrying on from my Russian Doll/Matryoshka post the other day, i've another taste of Russia to show you

so today it's all about Russian fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko

her debut ready-to-wear collection, which she describes as “illustration of Soviet Vogue 1950s” is chock full of gorgeously feminine pieces full of delicate details. i only discovered her stuff recently but one look at an Ulyana Sergeenko dress and i knew i'd have to see more! 

the clothes themselves are to die for but it's the styling of the photographs that also appeals i think, all that retro hair and make-up combined with the bare floors and vintage wallpaper, the overall effect is absolutely stunning and the entire collection definitely makes Ulyana Sergeenko a designer to keep an eye on!

everything from the accessories and materials to the muted colours and patterns just gives the whole collection this dainty softness that i just love. the outfits look so classic and girly yet warm enough to withstand a day out shopping in December/January . not that you'd expect anything less of a perfectly functional yet gorgeous winter collection from a Russian Designer, but so many A/W collections nowadays are full of things i wouldn't dare wear in the summer let alone the depths of coldest winter!

the clothes and models all look exquisite in the photos so i hope you enjoy looking through them as much as i did. it's not just beautiful flowy dresses though, keep scrolling to check out some of my favourite outfits from the collection...

see... i told you it was all divine! every outfit is absolutely gorgeous making up a fantastic A/W collection! i can't wait to see what she comes up with for S/S 2012

i am so in love with her designs! i wish i could dress like that for Winter...

anyway, to see the full lookbook, head on over to Vogue.ru for a peek - Sergeenko Lookbook

and for more info about Ulyana and her designs, head over to her official website here - Ulyana Sergeenko

(pictures via - etoday)

* * *

in other news, i've been drawing some Halloween themed things today! i know, i know it's still more than a month away... but i like to get things done and out of the way! believe it or not but i also made a start on some Christmas illustrations as well!

yes... really!

anyway i'm back off to College tomorrow so there probably won't be too much to report about that!

but who knows, something might happen!

until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX


  1. Can i say that the collection is very Russian?
    It is in fact.
    I love the shoes btw, the orange shoes especially.


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