Thursday 1 September 2011

News and Stuff ★

so i've got a few things to share today, firstly... i won a t-shirt design contest last week!!!

this is the second time i've entered a design into the weekly contest on All Tropical and i still can't believe i won!

the prize is to get your design printed up and sold in the shop (+ some prize money which has gone straight into my 'iPhone fund')

you can see my design up as the 'winner of the week' on the All Tropical site here - All Tropical

my 'CMYK cupcake' got the highest ratings of the week! which is AWESOME and i still can't believe i won!!!

massive MASSIVE thanks to everyone that rated my design (+ extra special thanks to all the friends that i badgered and nagged via facebook and twitter to vote for my image!)

the design will be printed soon (so i'm told) so i'll let you all know when it's availble to buy via the All Tropical shop

* * *

in other news, i've been working on some lovely vintage themed commissions lately but like always, i get distracted while i'm drawing and often end up coming up with something completely different (aka useless!) 

yesterday, having spent the morning trawling through gorgeous Steampunk websites, i ended up drawing a few Steampunk themed girls based on some fab outfits from Steampunk Couture

these were the results...

Abby Addle - Airship mechanic + goggle repairer

Lady Lorena Kingsford - Anachropologist

Hattie Lewis - Dirigible technician

Miss Constance Wickham - Aerial Buccaneer and apprentice Aerophonotologist

anyway, i know that they're very different to what i usually do and i'm not sure if i like them or hate them!!! 

i'm pretty sure i hate them since i can't draw noses to save my life and for some weird reason i never drew Lorena's hand in but oh well!

i'll let you decide...

ps: in case you were wondering, an Anachropologist is someone who studies Anachropology, the practical study and observation of periods of time in the past. and an Aerophonotologist is a researcher of randomly occurring sounds from the aether. some Steampunk jobs sound so marvellous! 

* * *

also, the August Giveaway closed last night at Midnight 

big thanks to everyone that entered! this time there was a record number of entries, 257 to be precise!!!

i drew a winner this morning using 

the winner was number 5, Caroline Crossley from Weston-Super-Mare, UK

she's the blogs first Europe based winner seeing as the last two were won by people in Canada and the USA

so big congrats to Caroline! i'll be posting out all the lovely prizes to her first thing tomorrow!

but don't worry if you didn't win THIS one... i'll be holding another super duper Giveaway around Christmas time!!!

* * *

not much else to report on today, i've spent the week cooped up inside busily working on commissions

no plans for the weekend... as per usual!

but i have a few more Creative Café posts to get through so i'll do one of those either tomorrow or Saturday

so until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★  xX

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  1. Absolutely amazing ideas.The t-shirt with a cake is really awesome!